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Manuel Hirsch

I'm currently studying journalism, and when I'm not busy working on uni projects, I get into all kinds of content creation. This is what eventually led me to EarlyGame and Riftfeed!

I'm a long-standing fan of all kinds of Nintendo games, mainly Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda. Once I got my first ever gaming PC, I also breached out into racing games, first-person shooters and indie games. I'm always in for a good story in a game! Sometimes it has to be PvP too, as I've been a League of Legends player for almost ten years. I've been Gold since forever, but this year I will definitely make it to Platinum! 

Outside the digital world, I'm a big fan of motor racing. I usually watch every Formula 1 race live, and attending a race at the Red Bull Ring is #1 on my bucket list! Sometimes I get into racing machinery too when I join my friends on the karting track. Nobody ever beats me! ... well, apart from my little brother. But we'll ignore that, right? Right.

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