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What is getting buffed and nerfed?

LoL PBE Patch 13.7: All Buffs and Nerfs on the PBE

Patch Notes
Cats vs Dogs
LoL PBE Patch 13.7: Yuumi and Nidalee are getting cat skins! | © Riot Games

LoL Patch 13.7 is the next League of Legends patch and while we won't have any big skin battle pass events, we are going to have to balance some problematic champions and systems, as usual. 

So let's check out the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for Patch 13.7 to know what awaits us in the future and whether the next champions Naafiri, a Darkin assassin, will finally be released – a single patch after the introduction of Milio. 

LoL PBE Patch 13.7: All Buffs & Nerfs

As of writing this article there haven't been any updates on the PBE just yet, but we will make sure to update this as soon as the PBE balance changes hit the server so you're informed whether your favorite champion will finally get the much-needed buff and if Zoe has finally been deleted from League of Legends altogether. 

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LoL PBE Patch 13.7: Upcoming Skins - Cats vs. Dogs

Even though LoL Pach 13.7 is going to be live after April Fool's we are going to be getting some new April Fools skins. Last year we received new bee skins, this year Riot is going back to Cats vs. Dogs with four new skins. 

  • Shiba Yuumi
  • Kittalee Nidalee
  • Woof and Lamb Kindred
  • Kibble-Head Kled

These are fun and unique new skins that can be enjoyed all year around. Each champion skin has a unique and fun bio, so make sure to check them out, especially the Kindred skin which stands above all the other ones... but that's just my opinion. 

LoL Patch 13.7 Release Date

League of Legends Patch 13.7 will hit the PBE on March 21, 2023 but the actual patch is going to go live on April 5, 2023. This means the new skins and balance changes will all be a part of the client and you can pick up your most wanted Cats vs. Dogs skins then.