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What is getting buffed and nerfed?

League of Legends PBE Patch 13.12: All Buffs and Nerfs on the PBE

Patch Notes 02-06-2023 11:55
Lillia Shan Hai Scrolls
LoL Patch 13.12 is going to release soon. | © Riot Games

LoL Patch 13.12 is going to feature some beautiful new skins, taking us back to one of the most popular new skin lines in recent times – Shan Hai Scrolls. But what else is Riot going to be releasing in this Patch? Well, not just League of Legends things, that's for sure. 

Riot will also be adding a new TFT set in Patch 13.12 which will feature the regions of Runeterra in a way that you've bever seen or experienced before. So, let's go over everything in LoL Patch 13.12 and what is on the PBE. 


LoL PBE Patch 13.12: TFT Receives A New Set

While the buffs and nerfs of the League of Legends patch aren't up on the PBE yet, we do know that the other game in the League of Legends client is going to be undergoing some huge changes. These will be for a brand-new set in TFT. So out with the set we've come to know and love and in with something new. 

The new TFT set is going to feature Runeterra as the centrepiece, with champions from every region. Not a single skin was used in this new set and we are going to have to choose which region we will stand with in this epic TFT battle. 

The Origins of the champions are going to be the regions of Runeterra, with some new classes as well, and the return of some well known and beloved ones as well like Bruiser and Slayer. 

The new TFT Set will drop with Patch 13.12 and is going to shake up the way we play TFT for the next few months. This set is looking especially fun!

Badlands Rumble
Watch out for those Rumble changes! | © Riot Games

Champion And System Adjustments on LoL PBE Patch 13.12

Huge Rumble Changes On PBE 

Rumble has been a pretty average champion in recent times. Phreak, former LCS caster turned balance-wizzard, has revealed on his YouTube channel what the team is going to be doing with Rumble and how they'll improve him. 

Base Stats

  • Base health: 659 >>> 650
  • Health growth: 99 >>> 105
  • Maximum heat: 100 >>> 150 (Overheat now at 150)
  • Overheat duration: 5.25 seconds >>> 4

P - Junkyard Titan

  • Bonus attack speed: 20% - 80% linear >>> 50% - 130% lvl growth
  • Monster damage cap: 80 flat >>>50 - 150

Q - Flamespitter

  • Base damage: 180 - 340 >>> 135 - 195
  • Deals 6% - 10% max HP, capped at 60 - 300 against monsters
  • Minion damage: 60% - 80% >>> 55% - 75%

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W - Scrap Shield

  • Reduced from 60 - 180 + 45% AP >>> 10 - 50 + 30% AP
  • Shield now scales with 6% max HP

E - Electro Harpoon

  • Heat: 10 >>> 20

R - The Equalizer

  • Cooldown: 100 - 70 >>> 130 - 80
  • AP ratio: 35% >>> 40%

Champion Nerfs in LoL Patch 13.12

For now there aren't too many champion ners on the PBE. Lucian is the only champion, but there will be more adjustments that Riot is going to add in the coming days. 


  • P - Lightslinger
    • Base magic damage: 14 >>> 10
    • Magic AD ratio: 20% >>> 15%
    • Magic damage is readied when an enemy champ within 1000 units is CC'd

New Mythic Shop Content in LoL Patch 13.12

Riot is going to be updating the mythic shop. The delayed mythic chroma for Lucian will be added, meaning we're going to get the High Noon Lucian mythic chroma in this patch, along with a brand-new mythic skin with a whole new mythic skin line theme. 

Crystalis Motus - New Mythic Skin Line

The new mythic skin line is going to be called Crystalis Motus and the first champion featured is going to be noen other than Leona who looks incredible. While the skin line continues with the dark and purple theme it still looks incredible and does differentiate itself well from its predecessor, Ahen Knights. 

Tahm Kench Shan Hai Scrolls
New Shan Hai Scrolls skins! | © Riot Games

New Shan Hai Scrolls Skins In LoL Patch 13.12

We are also getting new skins this patch. Riot is going to be adding more skins to the popular Shan Hai Scrolls universe which was introduced a few years ago. Four new skins will be added for three champions in desperate need of some nice new cosmetics. 

  • Shan Hai Scrolls Lillia
  • Shan Hai Scrolls Bard
  • Shan Hai Scrolls Tahm Kench
  • Shan Hai Scrolls Kog'Maw

Fans have been desperately waiting for a new Lillia skin and finally gotten it with the Shan Hai Scrolls skin line. All four skins look great and are worth investing in if you're a fan of skins. 

LoL Patch 13.12 Release Date

This League of Legends patch is going to be released on June 14, 2023 with the cosmetics hitting the live server a day later on June 15, 2023. If you're looking to pick up a new skin or just play some TFT, everything will be made possible in this new patch. 

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