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What picks are dominating Mid so far in Season 12?

The Mid Lane Tier List for Patch 12.9!

Patch Notes
Pool Party Taliyah
Taliyah makes her long awaited return to Midlane! | © Riot Games

You want to get better at League of Legends? You’ve read our guides and still aren’t getting better? Well then, you’re probably playing the wrong Champions. But don’t worry we’ve got something for you right here. The new tier list series right here on Riftfeed in which we look at the best champions of every Patch. Today we’re looking at the mid lane!

In this LoL Tier List we show you the strongest picks for the Mid Lane. We want to give you the best champions to climb with this new Season. Because you deserve the best shot at hitting your Ranked Goal!

The Era of Mages is still going strong, although AD Midlaners like Graves or Zeri (and now Kai'Sa) are starting to pick up in popularity!

Mid Lane Tier List - Who to Play in LoL Patch 12.9?

Best Mid Laner in LoL Patch 12.9: No. 3 – Taliyah

SSG Taliyah
One of the best worlds skins ever, hands down.

Taliyah got her long awaited mid-scope update this patch, meaning she is a completely different champion than before! If you're not familiar with the changes make sure to check our run down here!

Taliyah has gone from an AP burst mage jungler, to a midlane battle mage. The reason for this is Riot tuned down Taliyah's base damage by a lot, while increasing her scaling and giving her a ton of quality of life changes. At this point in time, Taliyah is one of the strongest late game champions. She has mobility and DPS on a mage unique only to her, this paired with her really strong utility means that Taliyah is an extremely strong champion in the right situation.

Riot was very careful to keep Taliyah from becoming a hyper roam champion like she was the last time she was in the Mid lane. Her wave clear and base damage are extremely poor early, so she has to wait until about level 9 before she can start trying to fight her opponents with the intention of killing. This isn't to say she can't rotate to help her team in the early levels, just be aware you lack damage and there primarily for utility.

To maximize Taliyah's current battle mage playstyle, items like Liandries and Everfrost compliment her very well. After your mythic you can grab Cosmic Drive, Banshees or Zhonyas for a defensive option. If you're feeling aggressive you can grab Shadowflame. After that make sure to grab any defensive options you need but otherwise Demonic Embrace, Rylai's and Rabadons are great options for 4th and 5th item.

Taliyah has enough damage without buying too much pen like Luden's or too much AP from Rabadons, so don't be afraid to stack health and defensive items like the Zhonya's or Banshees.

Because champions with DPS and good teamfighting are going to be strong in patch 12.10 Taliyah is not going anywhere, so make sure to start learning her now as she has a bit of a learning curve!

Best Mid Laner in LoL Patch 12.9: No. 2 – Swain

Tyrant Swain
One of the best skins in all of league. | © Riot Games

Swain received some pretty big changes this patch. Ever since Swain was reworked a few years back, he has been extremely hard to balance for Riot, as a result he's gone through many iterations. However this time, it's a step in the right direction. Swain's overall damage has been lowered, but his mana costs are decreased and his sustain is hugely improved. As a result of these changes, Swain has moved from a weird carry support into a battle mage midlaner.

Battle mages in the past have been really toxic for the game. Champions like Vladimir and Aurelion Sol were both moved to burst mages at some point so it's interesting to see champions like Swain and Taliyah being moved back.

Because Swain has much less mana problems and a lot more sustain his champion identity has completely changed. While it's really hard to tell the most optimal build for Swain right now, it seems like tanky options are better than damage ones. Riftmaker is now a viable mythic because of the mana changes, this opens up Swain to take a rune like conqueror and become a champion that ramps up as fights go on sort of like Zeri. With this new AP bruiser/battle mage playstyle, Swain really likes items that give HP and AP. Such as Rylai's, Morello's and Demonic.

Swain wont scale as hard as he did before, because late game carries out damage his sustain and he loses a bit of his edge. But in the mid game and early game Swain becomes an unbeatable teamfight raid boss. If you're trying to play to end around 35 minutes, Swain will make that extremely easy.

Best Mid Laner in LoL Patch 12.9: No. 1 - Kai'Sa

Lagoon Dragon Kai'Sa
Definitely the most fun Champion to play Mid right now! | © Riot Games

Traditionally played ADC, Kai'Sa mid is an extremely unique and off-meta pick right now. Kai'Sa mid's entire game plan is to make it far enough into the game to evolve her W, where she can then take full control over the game and win from an entire screen away.

Taking the 1st place spot with a shocking 44.39% winrate, it seems Kai'Sa has no business being anywhere near the midlane. The reality is quite the opposite though, Kai'Sa has been dominating in pro for an entire patch now. So her abysmal winrate means that the Pro's know something the general player base doesn't.

Here at Riftfeed we made an extensive Kai'Sa Mid Guide that covers everything you need to know in depth. But to summarize, Kai'Sa is all about timing. You want to consistently be evolving Q around 10-12 minutes, and evolving W around 15-16 minutes. If you can hit these timings, you will win way more games than 44%.

Faker has been taking Hail of Blades and Ignite on Kai'Sa and so most players trying Kai'Sa mid for the first time follow suit. This is incorrect however, Faker is one of the best players in the world. He can win lane on any champion so he can take incredibly aggressive runes and summoner spells. Unfortunately for the rest of us non-Fakers winning lane isn't so easy. I recommend First Strike, Fleet Footwork, or Summon Aery to make playing Kai'Sa more consistent. Kai'Sa mid isn't supposed to win lane, it's supposed to scale into mid-late game and dominate then. So make sure to itemize and take your runes accordingly, so that you can make sure you hit your spikes! (Also don't build Nashor's ever. It's like building Nashor's on Xerath, it's pretty bad!)

Mid Lane Tier List 12.9
Lucian is a placeholder for Kai'Sa, she's still the top spot!

Mid Lane Tier List in LoL Patch 12.9: The Other Mid Champions

The gap between high and low tier picks is closing, for a long time Viktor Corki and Kassadin held the top spot and no one could contest them. But right now there are almost no unviable picks in Midlane, good job Riot!

The A-Tier Mid Picks of Patch 12.9

The A-tier champions tend to be quite good, home to a lot of late game scaling champions. Midlane right now

has champions with wave clear, which leaves assassins behind.

  • Anivia - Win Rate: 52.40%, Pick Rate: 3.12
  • Fizz - Win Rate: 51.72%, Pick Rate: 7.13%
  • Galio - Win Rate: 50.29%, Pick Rate: 4.62%
  • Annie - Win Rate: 51.36%, Pick Rate: 5.7%
  • Qiyana - Win Rate: 51.46%, Pick Rate: 6.4%
  • Twisted Fate - Win Rate: 51.29%, Pick Rate: 2.45%
  • Diana - Win Rate: 51.01%, Pick Rate: 2.5%
  • Ekko - Win Rate: 51.2%, Pick Rate: 3.6%
  • Lux - Win Rate: 50.45%, Pick Rate: 6.84%
  • Veigar - Win Rate: 52.05%, Pick Rate: 4.67%

Quite a few champs in A-Tier right now, any of these are strong picks! Diana, Qiyana and Ekko are especially strong because they can be flexed in either Mid or Jungle.

The D-Tier Mid Picks of Patch 12.9

A lot of the champions Riot can't buff or they're too strong in pro live here in the D-tier. While thematically amazing, these champions are not viable in your ranked games. Unless you have 100+ games on them, I wouldn't even think about it.

  • Talon - Win Rate: 52.52%, Pick Rate: 1.13%
  • Vel'Koz Win Rate: 49.8%, Pick Rate: 1.5%
  • Taliyah - Win Rate: 50.45%, Pick Rate: 1.0%
  • Azir - Win Rate: 48.49%, Pick Rate: 2.62%
  • Orianna - Win Rate: 47.8%, Pick Rate: 2.5%
  • Ryze - Win Rate: 46.7%, Pick Rate: 3.84%

A few patches ago Riot buffed Neeko and freed her from the constraints of D-Tier. As a result of the balance changes recently it is now Zoe's turn to leave D-Tier. She is now sitting at a reasonable 51.19% winrate right now. It's also pretty standard to expect this to fluxuate in case new players pick her up as a result. But it's been pretty stable around 51% for the last two patches, so things are looking up.

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