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What picks are dominating Mid so far in Season 12?

The Mid Lane Tier List for Patch 12.18!

Patch Notes
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If you've been struggling in your ranked games, then you might need to switch it up with a meta champion. That's why we've got the mid lane tier list for you right here to help you reach your end-of-season ranked goal. These are the mid lane champions you need to play in Patch 12.18

In this mid lane tier list we show you the strongest picks for the mid lane. We want to give you the best champions to climb with this Season. Because you deserve the best shot at hitting your Ranked Goal!

The 12.10 durability patch left a big impact, so the meta is in a very different spot than it was at the beginning of the season. But we've got a pretty good idea on what's strong.

Mid Lane Tier List - Who to Play in LoL Patch 12.18?

Best Mid Laners in LoL Patch 12.18: No. 3 – Neeko

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Neeko has not seen the light of day (or play) in quite some time!

Neeko has had a 52% winrate or better for almost 4 patches straight now. She's honestly in the best spot she's ever been so make sure to pick her up before that changes!

Originally released back in 2019, Neeko has had a pretty uneventful impact on the game since then. Neeko has an incredibly unique design, and set of abilities, she's even got a pretty solid dedicated player base who love the champion despite her quirks. And yet Neeko just flies under the radar.

Neeko is a Midlane Mage designed to have illusions or disguises to trick her opponents with. This made for a really interesting concept, but fell apart in practice. It was gimmicky, hard to use, and not very useful. So Neeko turned into a short range, anti-engage mage who while she was good at discouraging engages, she wasn't good enough to be picked over someone like Lissandra or Veigar or even Janna. This left Neeko without much identity in the meta.

However, thing's are starting to turn around for this quirky chameleon. It's unclear why, but for whatever reason Neeko's winrate has steadily been rising since the durability update. This is probably because Neeko's damage is so overwhelming, the increased resistances champions received in patch 12.10 isn't enough to offset Neeko's damage. The problem was her range and not her damage anyways.

One thing to keep in mind if you want to try and pick Neeko up, is that she's pretty gimmicky. You still have to understand the champion pretty well to get everything out of it. To help you out here's a few brief tips for Neeko:

  • You can bind Neeko's passive to keys so that you can press a button and transform mid fight. Combine this with your W and Ult and enemies will get very confused.
  • You can condition your lane opponent to ignore your clone if you send it at them randomly during lane. Once they start ignoring it you can pretend to be the clone and go for a point blank E- R combo.
  • Neeko's flash cooldown is really important because it let's her bypass her short range weakness for one teamfight, a good Neeko flash ult can win you the game, so value this summoner spell more than you would on other champs.
  • Neeko's Q has a lot of base damage, make sure to try and poke with it even if you haven't landed E yet.
  • If Neeko's E gets the empowered root, it gurantees your ult so make sure to Pop Blossom if you see it connect!
  • Neeko's Ult has a really short CD, make sure to abuse this. Any time you think you could get it off, you can probably blow an enemy's flash or important cooldowns. You can also use it to clear waves if you're in a pinch, use this ability a lot!
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Best Mid Laners in LoL Patch 12.18: No. 2 – Vex

Dawnbringer Vex Splash Art
Vex was robbed of a Spirit Blossom skin. | © Riot Games

Vex is a champion we all know and love by now. While her release was slightly impacted by the fact that she was delayed so much, she otherwise had a very successful release. Being well balanced, and fun to play Vex was an instant hit for League players. She remained popular through the pre-season and into Season 12. Only when the Durability patch landed did Vex drop in popularity.

Because she was an anti-mobility burst mage, the long range poke meta was really bad for her, because she had a difficult time interacting with so many of the meta champions. However, with recent changes to Second Wind, Scorch and poke champions, Vex has not only re-entered the meta but she's strong.

She's an incredibly safe champion that punishes Assassins and has kill pressure on mages. She has enough utility in her kit to be useful early, and enough damage to be useful late. So Vex is a jack-of-all trades Midlaner right now. The only champion like her is Ahri, except Ahri exchanges damage and scaling for safety. So make sure to pick up Vex right now because she's super easy, and super strong!

Best Mid Laners in LoL Patch 12.18: No. 1 - Swain

Hextech Swain Splash Art
Would you buy this skin for 100 ME? | © Riot Games

Swain was reworked back in 12.8, a little bit before the durability patch. After a long and tumultuous journey to get there, Swain finally found his home in 12.8. Being an insane teamfighting draintank Swain delivered on a power fantasy no other champion could. Because Swain had just finally gotten to a place of viability, Riot was hesitant to nerf or change him in fear of losing all of their hardwork. This meant that for almost 5 patches in a row Swain was one of the best champions in the game.

Since the hype of the durability patch has worn off a lot of players forgot about Swain, but he hasn't actually gotten weaker. He does have more difficult matchups due to his short range and low mobility, but if you find Swain in the right situation he's going to be as dominant as he was back in 12.8.

A few tips to get the most out of him midlane is, 

  • Take Ghost and Flash to be stickier in teamfights
  • Build Rylai's first or second item to keep people in your range.
  • Take Riftmaker and Archangel's into games where the enemy team has very low damage.
  • Once you have mythic + demonic embrace + rylai's build tank items like gargoyle's stoneplate or force of nature.

Mid lane tier list 12.17
Swain and Neeko still at the top. | © Riot Games

Mid Lane Tier List in LoL Patch 12.18: The Other Mid Lane Champions

Burst is out and DPS is in, so expect assassins to be doing worse, while scaling mages to be doing more!

The A-Tier Picks of Patch 12.18

The A-tier champions tend to be quite good, home to a lot of late game scaling champions. Midlane right now

has champions with wave clear, which leaves assassins behind.

  • Anivia - Win Rate: 53.40%, Pick Rate: 3.12
  • Zilean- Win Rate: 54.72%, Pick Rate: 7.13%
  • Cassiopeia - Win Rate: 52.29%, Pick Rate: 4.62%
  • Yasuo - Win Rate: 51.76%, Pick Rate: 5.7%
  • Yone - Win Rate: 51.66%, Pick Rate: 6.4%
  • Aurelion Sol - Win Rate: 55.29%, Pick Rate: 2.45%
  • Ahri - Win Rate: 51.51%, Pick Rate: 2.5%
  • Sylas- Win Rate: 52.2%, Pick Rate: 3.6%
  • Vladimir - Win Rate: 48.45%, Pick Rate: 6.84%
  • Kassadin - Win Rate: 53.05%, Pick Rate: 4.67%

Quite a few champs in A-Tier right now, any of these are strong picks! Diana, Qiyana and Ekko are especially strong because they can be flexed in either Mid or Jungle.

The D-Tier Picks of Patch 12.18

A lot of the champions Riot can't buff or they're too strong in pro live here in the D-tier. While thematically amazing, these champions are not viable in your ranked games. Unless you have 100+ games on them, I wouldn't even think about it.

  • Talon - Win Rate: 50.52%, Pick Rate: 1.13%
  • Zed - Win Rate: 49.45%, Pick Rate: 7.2%
  • LeBlanc - Win Rate: 48.19%, Pick Rate: 4.62%
  • Syndra - Win Rate: 48.5%, Pick Rate: 3.5%

Syndra's midscope update just got announced and we expect this to be the last patch she's in D-tier for a long time. Fingers crossed!