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Control Mage, Assassin, Hyper Carry? We got it all in this Patch 14.4 Mid Lane Tier list.

LoL: Mid Lane Tier List For Patch 14.4

Patch Notes 27-02-2024 18:17

Hi guys. I searched through a lot of statistics, so you don't have to. This one is about the mid lane and let me tell you, the champion at the top of our mid lane tier list is actually just cracked right now.

Mid Tierlist Riftfeed
Who will be the best mid laner in Patch 14.4? | ©Riot Games

Season 14 is well on its way with Patch 14.4. Let's see how the Item Changes have affected the mid lane meta.

Mid Lane Tier List: S-Tier Mid Lane Picks Of LoL Patch 14.4

3. Karma

Karma is in our Top 3 and sitting at a win rate of 52.17%.

Karma 27
Karma with Malignance is broken. | © Riot Games


You want to rush Malignance and Lucidity Boots. Afterwards get a Cosmic Drive for a lot of CDR to spam your ult.

Power Spikes:

Karma has a pretty strong laning phase but gets a bit weaker in the late game.


Karma has a hard time against control mages that outscale her and can zone her later like Anivia or Aurelion Sol.

Good Synergies:

She works great with an engage team comp as she can help speed up the engage but also deals a good amount of damage.

2. Aurelion Sol

Porcelain Aurelion Sol
Aurelion Sol gets his first legendary skin! | © Riot Games

Aurelion Sol is back in meta. His simplicity and wavecontrol brings stability in the chaos that is summoners rift. He currently has a 54.16% winrate.


You want to start off with a Rylais Crystal Scepter into Liandries. Make sure you pick up a Tear in between as you want to build Seraphs next.

Power Spikes:

Rylais makes you really strong and tanky.


Asol doesn't do well into Champions that easily reach him like Irelia and Fizz.

Good Synergies:

Asol works really well with junglers that can follow up on his ult. 

1. Twisted Fate

DWG Twisted Fate
Twisted Fate ulted himself back to meta. | © Riot Games

Twisted Fate is our top tier and is sitting at a win rate of 51.33%


On TF, you always want to go for Rod of Ages into Lich Bane and Rapid Fire Cannon. 

Power Spikes:

Boots make him really strong but the Rod of Ages spike is already huge. Expect to deal a lot more damage after Lich Bane.


TF is weak versus Champions that can just engage him like Assassins.

Good Synergies:

TF has great setup so any high damage champion works.

Mid Lane Tier List in LoL Patch 14.4: The Other Mid Lane Champions

While the S-Tier mid laners tend to be the best, there are still a lot of perfect picks in case these champions aren't available. Let's also take a look at some of the bottom-tier champions, which you should take note of and avoid!

14 4 mid
Tierlist for 14.4 in the Mid Lane

The A-Tier Mid Picks of LoL Patch 14.4:

If you're not a fan of the S-tier picks, or they are banned, this is where to look. The A-tier champs are good but don't warrant nerfs, so they are usually about the same.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate







Mages are back and stronger than ever. The new items have done wonders for some of them.

Naafiri can work really well since she recently got buffed.

The D-Tier Picks of LoL Patch 14.4:

If you want to win, just stay away from these champions, basically no point in playing them unless you're a one-trick.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate









AD LeBlanc is still gutted and she cant utilize the new items very well. The same goes for Orianna as she doesn't really have good first and second item choices anymore. 

Zed is suffering a lot from the removal of the previous Ravenous Hydra.

There are quite a few champions down here which is not necessarily because they are bad but the S-Tier picks are just so oppressive that there really isn't a reason to not pick them.

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