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Riftfeed Birthday Celebration: Big Giveaway!

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Riftfeed celebrates its first birthday! | © Riot Games

Instead of gifting ourselves, we've got something really special for you! A giveaway celebrating Riftfeed's first anniversary. What's in for you and how you can participate – all your questions will be answered in this article!

That much I can say: This is going to be one hell of a giveaway! Thanks to EURONICS we have the opportunity to offer you a really exciting prize. To be a bit more precise, it's going to be a lot more fun going from A to B when you're not in Summoner's Rift. Alright, I'll stop teasing: Our giveaway is all about an electric scooter by Ninebot-Segway with a prize tag of 419 Euro!

This puppy will do up to 20 kph thanks to its 500 Watt electric engine and will bring you to whereever you want to go in the city. It's maximum range of about 12 kilometers is sufficient enough to stay at your service all day long. Even during the darker seasons you are well equipped with front- and backlighting. The best of all? It even has brakes! Front and rear brakes! This pretty much means you don't always have to brake with you face everytime you arrived at your destination.

How To Participate in the Giveaway

Pretty easy! The giveaway is hosted on the website Gheed. This is where you'll log in or create an account. With our giveaway you've got three opportunities to collect entries. This means you'll be in final draw three times. Three times better chance to win! You can either follow EURONICS on Twitter, follow us on Instagram or just join our Discord Server via Gheed to activate your entries.

This is pretty much all we have to say regarding our giveaway! Visit Gheed and secure your entries and maybe that sweet electric scooter will be standing on your doorstep pretty soon. The giveaway is live immediately and will run until October 3, 2022 at 10:00pm CEST

But wait, there's more! This isn't our only event celebrating Riftfeeds anniversary, as we're hosting a League of Legends tournament on September 24, 2022 with a prize pool of 500 Euro. So get together all your teammates and go for gold!

Even if you're only watching the tournament stream, you'll still have the opportunity to get your hands on some sweet PC hardware during the giveaways. So in whichever way you'll join – it can pay off!

One more note: As stated on the website, you can only participate in the giveaway if you have a permanent residence in Germany.