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Celine Jaeckel

Celine Jaeckel

Celine started her gaming journey at just five years old, after she found the OG Nintendo DS laying under her Christmas tree. She especially fell in love with “Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island” back then, until she traded it with a friend for another game, which she totally hated. (Yes, she still regrets that.) The probably darkest moment in Celine's gaming history was one particular evening in 2015. A so-called friend came up, asking her if she ever played League of Legends. Curious as she is, said game was installed directly and how this story ends, you can probably figure out by yourself.

Around this time, however, she was also discovering her love for design and illustration, which is why she graduated from Macromedia University in 2021 with a bachelor's degree in communication design!

Today, Celine is also living up her passion for gaming in her job at EarlyGame, and is mainly responsible for the Honkai: Star Rail & Genshin Impact department! Next to that, she expresses her creativity and passion for gaming in her streams as a VTuber on Twitch!

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