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Tim Ladegast

Tim excels in LoL, TFT, and LoR. After playing in Uniliga and Primeleague for six years, he now presents expert-level strategies at EarlyGame as part of the Content Team. He's reached the Grandmaster rank in LoL and Master in LoR.

Carina Tönges

I’m currently studying Journalism and write for EarlyGame’s Gaming section. Whether it’s Stardew Valley, Dead by Daylight or even League of Legends, I love playing and writing about all sorts of video games!

Maia Jacobsen

Hi I'm Maia, an avid League of Legends player and Braum main from Norway. I've been playing LoL for multiple years now and have followed the LEC for just as long. I am still waiting for G2 to finally win Worlds. 

Manuel Hirsch

I'm currently studying journalism, and when I'm not busy working on uni projects, I get into all kinds of content creation. When I'm not coming up with new content ideas I'll usually be playing League of Legends which I got into 10-years ago. 

Henning Paul

Henning studied Journalism with the goal of becoming a great esports and sports journalist. With his passion and dedication to League of Legends esports he's found his way to Riftfeed to report on anything LEC and LCS. 

Lasse Lindner

Playing League of Legends since 2015, Lasse covers everything from patch notes to esports news for Riftfeed. He might be a little biased because TSM is his favorite team, but he tries his best to stay neutral.

Celine Jäckel

There are precisely three things that make Celine's heart skip a beat: Gatcha Games, League of Legends and her cat. If she is done farming Gacha characters for the day, Celine hops straight into League of Legends and at level 925, she has really seen it all on the Summoner's Rift

Erik Feldengut

Erik is a writer on EarlyGame's content team, and plays mostly MOBAs, MMOs, and shooters. But LoL has had a firm grip on him for ten years.

Eric Leneschmidt

Eric is a content writer for Riftfeed who specializes in League of Legends. As an ADC main he's managed to hit Masters and wants to share his LoL-knowledge with everyone else as well.