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How to Find the Perfect Keyboard for League of Legends

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You need like 5 hands to master Fiora. | © Riot Games

Gaming keyboards can be found everywhere and anywhere these days and with every company releasing their own gaming keyboard it's hard to keep oversight of all the products. What do you need to look out for, what are the important factors when buying a keyboard? Well, we're here to help you find the perfect keyboard to play League of Legends on. 

Your choice for keyboard to play League of Legends on depends on three very important factors: 

  • Which size suits you?
  • Which switches suit your playing style?
  • Do you prefer wireless or wired keyboards?

Of course, there are other small factors, such as the RGB lighting and technical details. However, modern gaming keyboards are technically up-to-date, which is why you don't have to pay much attention here and the illumination is not crucial for gaming.

We also assume that you want a mechanical gaming keyboard, since rubberdome keyboards are generally not that good when it comes to gaming.

How Big Should the Keyboard be?

The size of the keyboard is an important factor, because it decides two things significantly:

That doesn't mean that larger keyboards are better suited for League because they potentially have more features. It always depends on what features you really need and how you play LoL.

We can divide gaming keyboards into three main sizes: Full Size, TKL and 60 percent. There are other sizes, but they are not used very often and are usually only used in custom keyboards.

Full Size: A full-size keyboard is also called 100 percent. This is a normal-sized keyboard, as it is used in most offices. Here you get the full range of functions with all the extras. However, it also takes up the most space on the desk. An example of a great full-size gamimg keyboard is the Razer Ornata V2.

TKL: TKL stands for Tenkeyless and simply means that the keyboard does not have a Num block. For League of Legends, you usually don't need it if you haven't put functions on the pad yourself. For example, you can get the Razer Blackwidow V3 without the num-block. 

By omitting the Num pad, the keyboard saves quite a bit of space without sacrificing much functionality. So if you don't need the pad for work or other games, a TKL keyboard is well worth considering.

Razer blackwidow v3
You can get the Blackwidow V3 in the compact TKL format. | © Razer

60 Percent: A 60 percent keyboard is exactly what it sounds like: A keyboard that is only about 60 percent as big as a normal keyboard. Of course, you have to sacrifice some functionality for the handy size. These keyboards usually don't have multimedia keys or other extras. Get the Ducky One 2 Mini if you want to really save space. 

You often have to do without the arrow keys and sometimes even the F keys. These are then assigned twice to other keys and you can activate them via function key. Of course, you save some space on the desk, which you can use for the mouse, for example. In addition, you can transport it very easily.

Which Switches Should be Built-in?

Once you've decided on a size, the next thing you should do is figure out what kind of switches you like best. There is no clear best option here. The switches that feel best to you are the ones you should use.

This is also where we can choose between three different types: Linear, Tactile and Clicky.

Linear: With linear switches, you don't feel a fixed point at which they activate. You always press the switch down with the same force. This ensures that you can activate the keystrokes particularly quickly. However, the feedback is less present with this type of switch. If this sounds like something you're interested in, then check out the Razer Huntsman Mini

Tactile: Tactile switches have a noticeable pressure point. So you have to apply some force to push the button over this point to activate it. This gives you better feedback, and you're less likely to accidentally trigger a button press. The Roccat Vulcan 122 AIMO is one of the most popular tactile keyboards on the market. 

Roccat vulcan 122 tactile
The Vulcan 122 AIMO from Roccat is available with Tactile switches. | © Roccat

Clicky: Clicky switches are basically tactile switches with a bonus. They also have a noticeable pressure point, but also a well audible click sound. With this type of switch, you not only get physical feedback, but also acoustic feedback. You can also get the Razer Huntsman Mini with a Clicky switch. 

Wireless or Wired?

It is also up to you to decide whether your keyboard should be wireless or wired. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. A wired keyboard usually has the fastest possible response speed, which makes it perfect for competitive gaming. Plus, it doesn't need a battery, which means you don't have to charge it and worry about it running out in the middle of a gaming session. Having a keyboard with a cable is also more popular so there are a lot of great choices like the Razer Ornata V2 and the Corsair K70

The disadvantage is of course the cable. It lies on the table, does not look good and has to find its way into the PC. The wireless keyboard does not have this problem. You don't have to worry about the cable here. If you're interested in a wireless keyboard then check out the Logitech G G915 Tactile

You should make sure that the wireless keyboard has a fast connection. The response time should be one millisecond or less. However, this is the case with most wireless gaming keyboards anyway.

Conclusion: It's not Hard to Find the Perfect Gaming Keyboard for League of Legends

If you know what to look for, it's not that difficult to find the right gaming keyboard for League of Legends. If you keep these three points in mind, you should get a keyboard that suits you and that you can play with for a long time.

Now all that matters is matching the keyboard to the perfect gaming mouse so you can dominate the Rift for a long time to come. 

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