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In-ear headphones and gaming? Yes, it works.

We Tested In-Ear Gaming Headphones! These Are the Results!

Jinx is also wearing them. | © Riot Games

In-ear headphines and gaming? Is that a combination that works? Yes, it is rather odd and most gaming-hardware sellers are all about the big headphones that encase your ears, but today we want to show you a sleek in-ear gaming look for those subtle wins. But are they as good as we hoped they'd be? Well, of course, we had to put them to the test. 

Which headphones were put to the test? We decided to go for the Aonic4 from Shure. The manufacturer is known for their sound quality, but did these in-ear headphones live up to the Shure name? Spoiler alert: They sure did. 

In-Ear Headphones Can be Comfortable

You guys might be thinking: Riftfeed, how is this real? After wearing in-ear headphones for more than an hour my ears ache, well none of you have had the pleasure of wearing the Aonic4 headphones. 

The headphones are small, light and they aren't as bulky as the normal gaming headsets and don't squish the side of your hears to your head, which. can also get quite uncomfortable after a while, right? Not to mention they're much better for on-the-go gaming as well. 

Once the Aonic4 from Shure are in your year you won't even know they're there anymore. Seriously, they're light as a feather and you get used to the feel pretty quickly, making you forget that they're even there. 

They also don't pop out of your ear thanks to the various earmolds that come with the headphones so you can find the perfect fit for you whether yo've got Dumbo ears or tiny ones. You have the choice between foam or soft flex fitting pieces in different sizes.

  • Now don't be shy and watch our test video at the bottom! 

Big Sound from Small Speakers

The Aonic4 blew our minds by showing us that great sound doesn't have to come from some huge bulky headset. The sound quality of our review sample was well-balanced with present trebles. This is especially exciting for shooter games because you can hear and locate steps and shots better. But a good sound cannot hurt for League of Legends either.

The bass is also quite decent, but could be more prominent. Overall, we could always perceive sounds in games with differentiation and clearly assign them - that's how it should be. The good sound doesn't just magically appear. The hybrid technology with two speakers is probably responsible for that.

Shure Aonic4 nahaufnahme
They might be small, but hold two speakers. Insane!

One of the two sound engines takes care of the mid and high frequencies, while the second takes care of the low frequencies. Through a coordinated configuration of the two drivers, Shure can create a unique sound pattern in the smallest space with the Aonic4.

The Workmanship of the In-Ears is First Class

There is nothing to complain about in terms of workmanship. You get thoroughly high-quality headphones for your money. The transparent design is probably not to everyone's taste, but it also ensures that the earpieces sit quite inconspicuously in the ear. You also have the choice between a white and a black variant.

The cables on the Aonic4 are detachable, so you can replace them if necessary. Oh and if you've got a defective part, then you can send it back to the manufacturer and they'll replace the part instead of having to buy a whole new set again. 

The included cable is 1.20 meters long, which is relatively short for gaming purposes. Here you can see that the headphones were not primarily developed for gamers. You can also notice that on the connector. You only get a jack connection here, which is well-suited for smartphones, but usually not the best choice for the PC or laptop.

Shure Aonic4 in-ear-kopfhörer
Quality and wearing comfort could convince us.

You often have separate inputs for audio and microphone. If you want to use both at the same time with the Shure headphones, you need an adapter. If you use a standalone microphone, however, this is not a problem.

Conclusion: High-end Headphones for Gamers with Ambitions

For a price of around 355 USD RRP, you get extremely high-quality in-ear headphones with the Aonic4. The wearing comfort and the sound are simply optimal for this type of headset. If you also use a separate microphone, the headphones are perfect for you.

However, if you do not have high demands on the sound, you should not spend this much money on headphones. In that case, a cheaper model is more suitable for you. We regularly test these as well. Therefore, please check the hardware section of Riftfeed often.

You can find the video review of the Shure Aonic4 here: