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Are Arcane Characters Being Turned into Champions?

Lore 26-11-2021 18:30
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With Arcane having come to an end, we now want to continue the story in our favorite game – League of Legends. So of course, we're hyped at the idea of having a champion from the show

Many fans have thought that someone from the Firelights could be the next ADC, while others have had their fingers crossed to find out more about the money-hungry support that will bless our game early in 2022. 

Now we have some answers after Ryan "Reav3" Mireles answered some questions on Reddit

The New ADC and Support Were Not in Arcane

He explained that these two champions were not characters we saw in Arcane. The reason why they were pushed back, was due to the release coinciding with the Arcane x Riot event. 

The team felt it would have been awkward to introduce the new champions at such an important time for the show, hence why they were pushed back further. 

This just means that the fan theories of the support being Corina Veraza – a chem baron from Zaun and an already existing card in Legends of Runeterra – could be true. 

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Could Arcane Characters Become Champions? 

In the same thread Reav3 also stated that if there is enough demand, the champions team has thought of creating champions based on multiple Arcane characters. 

Who do you think could make a good champion? My personal favorite would either be to have Deckard, Sevika or Ambessa Medarda as champions. They could have very interesting and cool abilities based off their scenes in the show. 

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