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League of Legends: Riot Please Fix Nocturne's Lore

Lore 11-07-2024 14:00

Nocturne is an interesting champion on Summoner's Rift, but his lore, unfortunately, doesn't live up to the fantasy he's created in the game. 

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League of Legends: Can Riot improve his lore? | © Riot Games

Throughout the years, Riot has been updating and upgrading champion lore. Heimerdinger got some love thanks to Arcane, while Fiddlesticks had his lore completely rebuilt thanks to his Visual and Gameplay Update. Sure, there are some champions still greatly lacking lore, like Shaco, but some of the stories currently told about certain champions are just boring and uninspiring. 

One of those champions is none other than Nocturne. His lore is pretty boring, and fans have wanted Riot to look into the champion to help his lore reflect his nerve wracking gameplay on Summoner's Rift as well. 

League of Legends: Nocturne's Lore Is Boring

Each League of Legends champion receives some form of backstory. Some are better than others, but there is a vast different between newer and older champions. Nocturne, who is a pretty old champ by this point, is not just suffering from a bad in-game model, but also very boring lore. 

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Where will Nocturne haunt next? | © Riot Games

Basically, Nocturne, a demon of profound dread, originated from the chaotic era of the Rune Wars when warrior-mages practicing shadow magic sought dominance. As they delved deeper into the spirit realm, their dark thoughts and actions possibly created or transformed Nocturne into a terrorizing force, unrestrained by physical laws and feeding on mortal fear. His presence was so formidable that it eventually led to the banishment of shadow magic practice under penalty of death.

Finding itself starved of fear with fewer intruders into its domain, Nocturne learned to manifest in the waking world, drawn to the fears that haunt mortal dreams. As a sinister shade, he now roams Runeterra, preying on the inherent fears of its inhabitants, turning their vulnerabilities into nightmares and spreading ceaseless terror across the land.

Demacia The Demacian Vault 01
Demacia is a place Nocturne knows all too well. | © Riot Games

While the start of his lore is interesting and cool, him just manifesting in the world simply to haunt it... is so lazy. There could be a lot more done with the character and the lore, adding more depth to the champion in some way or shape, which could flesh this terrifying demon out some more. Now he just sounds like a spookier form of Casper trying to instill fear into people. 

Hopefully Riot does look into Nocturne and hey, maybe the champion can receive a VGU or something, since his in-game visuals also are pretty outdated, right? 

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