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Please Riot make this happen!

Champions We Want in Arcane Season 2

Lore 07-06-2024 17:14

So many clues, so few answers – leaving us with nothing but speculation.

Arcane Trailer Image
Who should come to Piltover in Season 2? | © Riot Games

Arcane Season 1 is already 3 years behind us, and thankfully, we're getting more and more information about Season 2, which is set to be released in November 2024. But even the trailers and teasers don't make the wait any easier. Quite the opposite: RIOT, WE WANT SEASON 2 NOW!!

But how can we best pass the time while waiting? Correct, by watching Season 1 for the 5th time and really paying attention to every little detail. Just kidding. There's an even better pastime: speculating about new characters!

The trailer for Season 2 has already revealed a new champion: Singed. Additionally, it is speculated that Warwick is already seen in the background. This would make a lot of sense, as Singed created Warwick. However, these two will likely, or rather hopefully, not be the only champions that Riot will include.

Which Champions Do We Want to See in Season 2 of Arcane?

5. Blitzcrank

The loveable golem was created by Viktor and plays a rather significant role in his lore. As one might have already guessed, he belongs to the Zaun Clan and, in addition to his functional abilities, also has a talent for dating services – a little fun fact on the side.

Including Blitzcrank in the story for Season 2 would be a perfect fit and could offer insights into Viktor's character. Just imagine the wholesome presence of the cleanup robot and how visually delightful he could be in Fortiche's art style.

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4. Fiddlesticks

It's been a while, but do you remember the many crows in Piltover from Season 1? That could strongly hint at another champion. They could symbolize Swain and his spying on everyone in Piltover, but what if that wasn't the case? What if Fiddlesticks was lurking in the shadows to feast upon everyone's insecurities?

While it wouldn't quite fit with the lore, it would be a very interesting and creepy twist in the plot. Imagine this creepy demon who haunts those around him and shouts their greatest fears at them, mimicking their voices, hunting down Jinx after what she did at the end of Act III. It wouldn't be entirely kid-friendly, but we already knew that from Season 1.

3. Darius

Ambessa Medarda played a significant role in Season 1 and is likely to do so in Season 2 as well. Therefore, it's not unlikely that we will see the warlike fighter Darius. Perhaps such a sequel could be teased, pretty please?

Ambessa and Darius both belong to the powerful nation of Noxus. With Darius, we could gain a deeper insight into the nation and learn some background information. It would be super interesting, don't you think?

2. Ziggs

Ziggs Mad Scientist
Ziggs in Arane would be incredible! | © Riot Games

Not only does Jinx share a love for blowing things up, but so does this little Yordle. He's infamous for causing chaos when Heimerdinger isn't around, and he even has a game that takes place in Piltover. So why not include him?

So we would love to see some crazy Ziggs shenanigans take place in Piltover and Zaun. What would he blow up next in Piltover? Would someone from Zaun get blamed for his actions and love for fireworks? Let’s roll with the plot.

1. Orianna

At the end of season 1, there was some foreshadowing with Singed pulling out a locket with a photo of Orianna inside. Is he her father? It raised so many questions and fans – and lore lovers – need some answers.

Including Orianna in season 2 would only make sense after such a scene. How will she fit into the story and just whose side would she be on? It would be really interesting to see how she could be portrayed in Arcane. However, her story is quite tragic, so get ready to have some tissues handy.

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