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This budget headset is amazing, but there is one thing gamers need to know about

Budget Headset Test: JBL Quantum 100

Hardware 01-04-2022 19:30
JBL Quantum 100 on Jinx
Jinx loves it and so will you! | © Riot Games

The  JBL Quantum 100 has a price we drool over. For only 40 Euro you get a great gaming headest with 40-millimeter drivers. But can this afforable headset meet the standards of it's competition? We put it to the test!

  • Info: We also have a video at the bottom of this article where we tested the JBL Quantum 100 out!

The gaming headset from JBL is completely made of plastic, which is quite normal for headsets in this price range. You won't find a metal bracket or other stabilizers here. This has the advantage that the Quantum 100 is very flexible and adapts to the shape of your head. We didn't get the feeling that the headset was unstable at all when we tested it out so that's already good! 

Thanks to the material it stays nice and light, so it sits comfortably on the head even during longer League of Legends sessions — and let's be real no one here just plays one or two games a night. In terms of looks, it doesn't differ from other JBL headsets. Matte black or grey with the JBL logo on the ear cups and on top of the earpiece as is usual. But you won't be getting any fancy RGB lighting, but is that truly necessary?

Comfortable for Long Gaming Sessions

The light weight is one reason for the comfortable fit. The other is the padding on the ear cups. These are processed with memory foam and covered with artificial leather. It did not get too warm under the headset in our test, as is the case with some other headsets. Thus, the JBL headset passes the long-term test.

JBL Quantum 100 Headset
Looks good and so does the price.

However, JBL could have made the pads on the headband a bit thicker, because after long hours of gaming it could be a tad uncomfortable on the top of your head. Other than that it's a very comfortable fit and if you've got enough hair, then it could be padding enough. 

Technology and Sound: Top Quality for the Price

One of the most important aspects of a headset is the sound. The 40-millimeter drivers of the Quantum 100 emit very robust sound in a frequency range between 20 hertz and 20 kilohertz. The sound was well-mixed in our test headset and the volume was also perfectly sufficient. However, the bass does not come through very well.

The detachable clip-on microphone is also quite convincing in this price range. You can hear well with the Quantum 100 and there is comparatively little noise. If you also activate the noise reduction, you get a clean sound. However, JBL could have improved the volume a bit. Even at the highest level, the sound is still comparatively quiet.

Features and Accessories: The Port Disappoints

Something that is quite uncommon for this price range is the fact that the headset has a mute button and volume control on the ear cup. We were pleasantly surprised to see this and it prompted us to give the headset an extra plus point! 

Unfortunately, on the other hand, the headset gets a big minus point for PC gamers when it comes to connectivity. The headset only has a 3.5 mm jack plug. This makes it perfectly compatible for consoles and smartphones, but most PC gamers will be left out in the cold. Here, you usually use one connector for the microphone and one for the sound. Many gaming headsets are simply connected to the PC via USB.

JBL Quantum 100 im Einsatz
If you have the right adapter you can have a great time.

If you want to gamble with the JBL Quantum 100, you need an adapter. Of course, you can also simply connect the headset to the sound output, but then you cannot use the microphone.

Conclusion: Really Good Headset with a Snag

Essentially, we were convinced by the Quantum 100. The price is low and you get a comfortable fit, good sound quality and a solid clip-on microphone. All this in a simple, but stylish headset.

But if you want to hop into the next LoL session with it, you should get an adapter beforehand so that you can connect sound and microphone to your PC at the same time.

If you're curious, check out our German review of the headset right here:

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