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LoL Item Guide: Hextech Rocketbelt

Item Guides 28-07-2021 18:03

Hextech Rocketbelt RF
Dashy and buryt with the Rocketbelt! | © Riot Games

Getting used to all the item changes is hard enough. If you also test new champions, or even main new positions, then the whole thing becomes a science. Which Mythic and Legendary Items are best on whom? With this guide, we'll help you understand what exactly makes the Hextech Rocketbelt so great. And, of course, you'll also get the champions to go with it!

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Tired of all the assassin-heavy metas and AD comps shredding through teams? No problem, the whole thing also works wonderfully as an AP main.

  • Picking the right item is hard enough. But what about the champion? This might help you!

Rocketbelt Stats and ability breakdown

  • Cost: 3200 Gold 
  • + 90 Ability Power  
  • + 250 Health  
  • + 15 Ability Haste  
  • Gold efficiency without Abilities: 100.34%

The stats itself don´t make Hextech Rocketbelt a mythic item of course. But the active does! At the touch of a button, it will make your champion dash in your mouses direction and fire 7 missiles at once. These explode in a cone-shaped area and cause a good portion of extra burst damage. 

The second highlight of the item is the passive. For each legendary item you hold in your repertoire, you get 5 magic penetration. Together with the sorcerer's shoes, it will be difficult for your opponents to have any resistance at all against you, if the are no tank.

Which Champions Should Build Hextech Rocketbelt?

To keep it short: Kennen, Fiddlesticks, Annie. Build the Rocketbelt on engage heavy champions or those like Annie who use the dash as a gap closing ability. the active works like a second, small flash and can make the necessary difference. Combine the hard engage on e.g. Kennen or Fiddlesticks with Zhonya's Hourglass and you are also safe while all enemies around you dropp like flies. 

The Hextech belt is the perfect choice for short and mid-range champions who want to engage hard to start team fights and decide them quickly.  So if you’re up for some AP shenanigans, follow the few simple steps of our item guide, pick an engage-heavy AP champion and watch as you go from Silver IV to Gold in no time!

What it can look like in the end? Well, see for yourself.

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