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Champion Lore: Camille, the Steel Shadow

Lore 28-07-2021 18:11
Camille Wallpaper
Who whouldn´t love to get sliced in pieces by her? | © Riot Games

Top laners love Camille. She has great gap closes, is easy to play around as a jungler and her true damage makes the kit perfect. But how exactly did she get so strong. I mean, these legs don´t seem too natural, do they? Ever wondered what is told about Camille in her lore?

Fortunately, Riot Games love lore as much as we do. Each champion has ist own exciting story that gives us a behind-the-scenes look. For example here you can find a little story about each of your favourites. In addition, we are always told new things about them through other games like Legends of Runeterra, or events in the games.

So let´s hop into it!

Who is Camille according to her lore?

Camille is part of the Ferros clan, which is deeply involved in the machinations of Piltover and Zaun. The centuries-old family business is based on the trade in synthetic hextech crystals and enjoys a high reputation in Runeterra. In order to secure its prosperity and monopoly, the clan does a lot of research into human improvements and will stop at nothing.

Its motto is: "For familiy I give"

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And this is where the lore of Camille comes into play. Due to family business Camille was trained in combat, reconnaissance, and interrogation. As the eldest daughter of the former clan leader, she became head of the intelligence office. In order to be able to fulfil her “duties” and not be defeated by her opponents, she took on further refinements, including bladed legs, grapple-spindled hips, and other, minor hex-augmentations, to push her beyond human limits.

As a last step she even got her heart removed and replaced by a hextech one

A huge part of the familie´s core was worried, that Camille would lose her humanity with her heart. But as far as they could tell, she seemed to have remained the same

What Are Hextech Crystals?

Again and again we hear about Hextech crystals in the LoL lore. The magic that surrounds them and their immense energy is used in many ways. Often, they even spark great battles over them. The crystals literally shape life in Runeterra. But where exactly do they come from? What is known about their origin?

The last of its kind. | © Riot Games

Hextech crystals are the namestones of the Brackern, an ancient race of the desert of Shurima. The Brackern used the crystals to record their lives and histories and then pass on to other Brackern once they die.

They hold great powers which the explorer guild of Piltover discovered. They managed to fuel their inventions and other mechanical structures with them. LoL lore tells, that the race of Brackern got wiped out completely. Only Skarner is left with a lonely mission to find all the missing crystals and return them home.

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