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LoL Patch 11.16: All Buffs

News 28-07-2021 17:57
Maokai Meowkai
Did these champions really need buffs? | © Riot Games

In LoL Patch 11.15 Akshan was just released with his game-breaking revival mechanic. The Sentinels of Light event continued as well, but we’re going to take a look ahead at the future buffs coming to League of Legends in LoL Patch 11.16.

There are a total of seven champions who will be getting buffed in LoL Patch 11.16. There are ADC’s, Junglers and Top Laners on the buff list for this patch and we’ve got all the details on the upcoming changes that will hit Summoner’s Rift on August 11th.

ADC’s Getting Buffed in LoL Patch 11.16

Jhin and Sivir are the two ADC’s who will receive buffs in the upcoming Patch. Jhin will have an increase to his W damage as well as his R minimum damage AD ratio. Sivir’s W will also gain an AD ratio increase.

ADC’s have been in an abysmal state, and with these slight buffs, we hope to see more ADC champions like Jhin become some of the best on the rift once more. But until Riot looks at ADC items we might have to wait for that day.

Junglers Getting Buffed in LoL Patch 11.16

Jarvan IV, Shaco and Nunu are the three junglers receiving buffs in LoL Patch 11.16. Shaco is merely getting a few bugfixes that snuck into his kit after LoL Patch 11.15 went live, while Nunu is going to rush through the jungle thanks to added movement speed. Also, his E damage will be increased. Lastly, Jarvan IV is going to have an increase to his passive damage as well as R damage ratio.

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Overall, these are some solid jungle changes that could create an even wider jungle pool in the next patch. Will Nunu once again make the jungle unsafe or will players continue to use Shaco to tilt opponents?

Top Laners Getting Buffed in LoL Patch 11.16

Vladimir and Maokai are getting buffed. Maokai has been more prominent as a support lately, but the changes to his healing as well as the damage increase to his E might make him a prominent pick-up in the top lane once more. Vladimir will also get a bit more sustain with the changes to his passive.

Item Buffs in LoL Patch 11.16

Redemption is the only item on the buff list for items in LoL Patch 11.16. So while support champions didn’t get any changes, you’ll be happy to note that the item is going to heal a little more and have a lowered cooldown. Support mains – Riot didn’t forget about you.

These are all the known changes coming to League of Legends in LoL Patch 11.16. As soon as more news is out, we will update you on anything relevant so you can dominate on the next patch as well! 

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