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The Best League of Legends Skin Lines

Star Guardians
This is just too beautiful. | © Riot Games

League of Legends has multiple skin lines and alternate universes. So many we can't even count them all, but some just seem to be better than others. So, we've decided to take a look at some of these skin lines and try to find the best ones. 

Of course, this isn't just done by the aesthetic, though it's an important part of the skin lines, because Riot wants us to spend money on them, but the champions and the lore behind the skin lines is also important when trying to rank them, right? 

Which Are the Best Skin Lines in LoL? 

5. High Noon 

High Noon is a huge universe with a multitude of champions, but it's also one of the best in the game. It's unique and put an incredibly fun twist on the 'wild west' theme and it executes it so well. It's honestly a skin line we love to see skins made for and the newest ones from 2022 just prove how cool High Noon truly is. 

High Noon Thresh
Just look at Thresh! | © Riot Gamed

This skin line makes Angels vs. Demons and the Wild West interesting again and every time Riot makes new skins in this universe we're mesmerized. Honestly, it's one of the best skin lines both from a visual stand point, as well as from a lore standpoint. 

4. Battle Academia 

The Battle Academia skins look incredible. Especially the first ones with Ezreal, Lux and Jayce. Riot really went with the shonen anime theme and made the skins look just like that too. Simplisitic outfits, fun character designs and wacky background stories all come together in this skin line. 

Battle Academia
These skins are just insanely good. | © Riot Games

The fact that Yuumi is the principle of such a prestigious school is also hilarious and makes us think of Nezu from My Hero Academia. Overall, this skin line has it all. Riot chose the perfect cast for the skins, they look fun and the lore is also well-made and makes us wish that this was already an anime. 

3. Blood Moon

Moving on from cute and adorable high-school anime to the occult. Seriously, the Blood Moon skins are creepy and the lore behind the skins is even creepier. It's the perfect spooky skin line with some of the most interesting background. Blood Moon also has an extensive cast, but are we mad? Not at all. 

Blood Moon Diana
Just look at the splash art! | © Riot Games

The whole skin line surrounds cult worshippers and demons of the Blood Moon. It's all pretty creepy with some champions having given up their humanity to host demons and call forth stronger ones. Seriously, if you enjoy lore, then this is a skin line you definitely need to check out. And the champions also look incredible with the Blood Moon skins. 


2. Star Guardian

Let's move onto a happier topic and that is of the next skin line we think is one of the best in all of League of Legends. Of course, we had to pick Star Guardian as well and not just because new Star Guardians are joining in 2022, but because this skin line is just incredible. If you enjoy 90s magical girl anime, then this is the skin line for you. 

Star Guardian Lux
Lux is perfect in this skin line. | © Riot Games

There are multiple generations of Star Guardians and so many champions represented. The fact that we've also got some magical boys is also great and shakes up the genre. Seriously, these skins look incredible and they don't go out of style. The champions chosen for this skin line also fit so well, especially some surprising ones like Lulu, Jinx and Janna. Oh, and the idea of corrupted Star Guardians? 10/10 we need to find out more. 

1. Eclipse

The whole Eclipse universe spans multiple skin lines, but we want to shout them all out. Coven, Eclipse, Death Blossom and Elderwood all fall under the Eclipse skin line and it's just an expansive and incredible world Riot created. We need to have a show just about these, right? Right. 

Old God Warwick
Another dark AU. | © Riot Games

There are so many champions that are part of this skin line and sure, some skins are flops, but the ones that aren't sure make up for that. With the new Coven skins from 2021, as well as the new Sun-Eater Kayle skin coming out we have fallen in love with the Eclipse universe once more. Seriously, it's the best skin line in League of Legends.