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LoL: New Anima Squad & Primordian Skins 2024 – Everything You Need To Know

Skins 16-07-2024 17:27

Anima Squad is back and this time we're also going to be getting some skins for our enemies. So let's check out the upcoming Anima Squad and Primordian skins coming to League of Legends. 

Anima Squard Key Visual
LoL: Anima Squad is back. | © Riot Games

Anima Squad is back in 2024. This time around, it's a part of the huge summer event, which will feature a grand total of 11 champions, as well as 2 prestige skins, making it a total of 13 new skins. That's insane. But which champions has Riot chosen for these upcoming skins in the Anima Squad universe?

This time around, Riot is shaking things up. While we've explored Anima Squad before, now, Riot is also introducing the enemies, the ones our heroes are fighting – the Primordians. So, who is on which side of the coin here? 

LoL: Anima Squad 2024 Skins: All Champions & Cost

Anima Squad Concept 4
Look at this Aatrox concept art. | © Riot Games

As mentioned, a total of 11 champions are getting skins this time around. This has become the norm for summer events and this time around we're even getting a brand-new game mode called Swarm, accompanying the skins! But which champions might you need to save for? 

Part 1 of the skins will release in LoL Patch 14.14: 

Skin NameChampion CostTier
Battle DoveSeraphine1820 RPLegendary
Battle BunnyAurora1350 RPEpic
Battle BatXayah1350 RPEpic
Cyber CatYuumi1350 RPEpic
Cyber Cat PrestigeYuumi2.000 TokensMythic
PrimordianBel'Veth1350 RPEpic
PrimordianRek'Sai1350 RPEpic

Part 2 will release with LoL Patch 14.15:

Skin NameChampion CostTier
PrimordianAatrox1820 RPLegendary
PrimordianBriar1350 RPEpic
Battle BearIllaoi1350 RPEpic
Battle WolfYasuo1350 RPEpic
Battle LionLeona1350 RPEpic
Battle Lion PrestigeLeona2.000 TokensMythic

Briar is especially interesting, since she might be a primordian, but she is on the side of the Anima Squad. Hopefully, throughout the event, we find out how she changed allegiances and how she came to be part of the Anima Squad. 

Aurora, the new League of Legends champion, will be debuted with the Battle Bunny skin. How fitting. As a Battle Bunny she is also a captain in the Anima Squad which will be quite interesting. 

Anima Squad 2024: Summer Event

With these skins, we're also going to be getting an in-game event. This event will feature a battle pass, where players can pick up tokens, with which they can then choose to get the rewards they want. Those can range from skin shards to Anima Squad orbs to the prestige skin. 

Anima Squad Concept 14
I am so excited for this Bel'Veth skin. | © Riot Games

Players will also get to play the bullet heaven game mode "Swarm" which is the first PvE mode in centuries that Riot has released. Let's hope that players enjoy it, so we can get more content like this for casual players as well. 

Release Date For The Anima Squad 2024 Skins

These skins and the event with them will all be released in LoL Patch 14.14, which is going to come out July 17. Since this is the big summer event there are 2 parts, with the second releasing July 31. The event should last for at least a month, with players able to redeem the tokens from the event until a bit after the event finishes. 

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