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Who can we expect in the next mythic shop?

The Next Mythic Shop Rotation Leaked

Hextech Ziggs
How much will Ziggs be? | © Riot Games

The next League of Legends mythic shop has been leaked by a leaker, meaning we already know just which champions we can expect in the shop for the next month. Which champions are part of the bunch this time around, and which ones do we still have to wait for? 

The mythic shop has new skins entering each month and sometimes we can catch glimpses of which skins will be added beforehand. Whether it's the next new mythic skin, an old prestige skin or just a new mythic-chroma, we're going to check out which skins you can pick up soon. 

Which Skins Have Leaked for the Next Mythic Shop? 

Each month, two older prestige skins can be purchased in the League of Legends mythic shop. In the first Mythic Shop rotation, each skin could be bought for a whopping three months, but this is going to change and turn into a monthly rotation starting with the next Mythic Shop update

Skins added into the next mythic shop rotation:

  • Hextech Tristana (100 ME)
  • Lanzer Zero Hecarim (100 ME)
  • Ascended Pantheon (125 ME)
  • Fuzz Fizz (150 ME with old border)

In the next mythic shop rotation we are also going to be getting an update to the mythic skins. Goodbye Mordekaiser and hello: 

  • Ashen Guardian Shen

If you're still missing a bit of Mythic Essence, then make sure to redeem your 2022 Prime Gaming refunds. With these you'll be earning 5 free Mythic Essence, as well as some free RP – in case you want some regular skins instead of prestige ones. 

Get Broken Covenant Prestige Skin in LoL Patch 13.5

The upcoming Broken Covenant skin line will feature a unique prestige skin for Miss Fortune. This is going to be a skin showcase, which means that you won't need to farm tokens to receive the skin. Instead, you should be able to pick up the Broken Covenant Miss Fortune prestige for 125 ME in the shop. 

When is the Next Mythic Shop Rotation? 

The next mythic shop rotation for prestige skins will be coming out in LoL Patch 13.6.  

Are you going to be picking up anything with your Mythic Essence next week or are you going to save up at ME so you can get your hands on that new mythic chroma, or even a prestige Star Guardian Syndra skin? 

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