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Coven is back, baby!

LoL Coven Skins: Riot Accidentally Leaks Champions For 2023 Coven Skins

Skins 25-09-2023 19:40

Coven is back in League of Legends and the skins for the 2023 of this universe have already leaked before the eventual announcement. Well, at least some have, and it's got fans pretty excited for what is to come in this unique new skin line.

Coven Ashe skin
LoL Coven 2023: The iconic high fashion skin line is back! | © Riot Games

Coven is inspired by high-fashion and witches covenants, and is also part of the Eclipse and Old God skin lines as well. It's a popular and unique twist on the champions and skins and it is confirmed to be back in 2023! 

That is right! The Coven skin line will return, and we also know which champions will receive skins now! All certainty came when Riot Vietnam had a minor slip-up and revealed the skins a little too early...

LoL Coven Skins: Leak By Riot Vietnam Reveals Champions For Upcoming Skins Multiple Hours Early

In 2023 we are going to get Coven skins once more, and the official announcement has just been released! Six champions will receive Coven skins in 2023, so let's go over them and check out their skin tiers! 

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As always, these skins will be Epic skins and cost 1350 RP. However, there will be one skin that is not directly called Coven and one Legendary skin. Care to find out which one that is? Let's dive into it then!

LoL: These Are The Coven Skins In 2023

Nami 0
Nami with a Coven skin? And it is even legendary? Yes, please! | © Riot Games

With the five originally leaked skins and Mordekaiser as a newcomer, we now have six skins that we expect to be officially revealed soon! Mordekaiser may also point towards the fact that this specific witch cycle might have some roots in Brazil...

  • Coven Syndra
  • Coven Nilah
  • Coven Akali
  • Coven Elise
  • Coven Nami (Legendary)
  • Old God Mordekaiser

With the K/DA Logitech mousepad, you're going to dominate the game! 

One thing that has confused some players is the inclusion of Akali on this list. Akali will be getting a prestige skin in 2023, close to the League of Legends World Championship, but with her on the list of Coven skins, it would mean that we get Coven for Worlds 2023, or that Akali will get two skins almost back-to-back. 

The official announcement for these skins has just been released! Which skin are you the most hyped for? 

Are you looking to bring Nami's new and dark fantasy to the Rift after she has converted to the dark side? Are you looking to unleash a swarm of explosive spiders on your opponents? Will you bombard anyone who is unlucky enough to cross your path with witchcraft-infused spheres of darkness?

Or are you about to become the Old God himself, listening to the prayers of the Coven themselves and bringing endless pain upon the mere mortals that dare to stand against your might? Let us know in the comments!

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