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Which champions are part of the LGBTQIA+ community?

LGBTQIA+ Champions in LoL

Lore 03-11-2023 15:44

The League of Legends universe is growing with champions from various backgrounds. Of course, there are also some champions that are going to be a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. So, who could it be? 

Prestige K Sante
Riot had to give us a king with a crop top, eh? | © Riot Games

Riot is expanding their world of Runeterra. Especially with the recent announcement that they're trying to create one big canon, which yes will include Arcane, everything is coming together nicely. But with these changes, there are also going to be some huge changes to champions.

One of the aspects some players might wonder is which champions are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Is there any type of representation amongst the 160+ champions in League of Legends? Why yes there is. 

All LGBTQIA+ Champions in League of Legends Revealed

Lol rise with me
Diana and Leona have such a beatiful story. We need more Riot! | © Riot Games

Below, you will find a list of both confirmed and speculated LGBTQIA+ champions in League. Some don't need an introduction, we all know that Leona and Diana are a thing, and we're still crying about the tragic story of theirs. Some others might need an explanation, and you will get it in a second.

  • Caitlyn (Lesbian) – Confirmed
  • Diana (Lesbian) – Confirmed
  • Leona (Unspecified wlw) – Confirmed
  • Graves (Gay) – Confirmed
  • Nami (Bisexual) – Confirmed
  • Neeko (Lesbian) – Confirmed
  • Rell (Bisexual) – Speculation
  • Taliyah (Transgender) – Somewhat confirmed
  • Twisted Fate (Bisexual) – Confirmed
  • Varus (Gay) – Speculation
  • Vi (Lesbain ) – Confirmed 
  • K'Sante (Gay) – Confirmed

Caitlyn and Vi had a beautiful relationship in Arcane that pretty much confirms they're super gay for each other. Thanks to Riot explaining that they will be creating one big canon, this basically means that they're somehow involved with one another in canon as well. Arcane will become part of the lore and if Hextech gets a change, then Vi and Caitlyn can be gay for one another as well for one another. 

Graves and Twisted Fate were the couple of Riot's Pride Month 2022. We were super happy to see these two together and being confirmed to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

During the 2022 Pride event, through the story The Boys and Bombolini, it was revealed that Graves is gay – and has bad taste in men – while his best friend Twisted Fate is bisexual and has harbored some form of crush on the other for a while already. 

Through Legends of Runeterra it was revealed that Nami is also part of the LGBTQIA+ community. There, she's even in a poly relationship and she's been confirmed to be bisexual. We love the inclusivity that is slowly taking over League of Legends. 

Rell being bisexual is merely a speculation based on her voice lines. Many fans wish for her to be bisexual, so they take these voice lines as confirmations, but they're not. Please keep that in mind.

Taliyah's situation is a bit complicated. Riot confirmed that she was supposed to be trans, but they changed their mind last minute. This is likely due to some issues with the suits at Riot. Some of the biggest markets for Riot still look down on the trans community and therefore Taliyah was changed to being cis. 

Thankfully during the 2022 Star Guardian event, the Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah music video showed a lot of trans imagery which has re-ignited the hope for many that one day she can come out as trans in canon as well. 

Varus is debatable. He's literally made up of two gay lovers, so does that automatically make him gay? Many believe so. I'm not so sure. I don't even know if Varus is a real human. Certainly not with his abyssal win rate.

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And that's it. Unfortunately, not a very long list with even less confirmed LGBTQIA+ champions, but we will keep our eyes and ears open. Here's to hoping that Riot will add more champions to the pool soon.

K'Sante, one of the newest League of Legends champion has also been confirmed to be gay. He's even got an (ex)boyfriend in his color story and his prestige skin was literally designed by Lil Nas X, one of the most famous gay artists out there. 

Neeko is another champion we have to mention. She's confirmed to be a lesbian, which comes across pretty easily when listening to her voice lines in the game itself. She's a confirmed man hater and a women lover... I can only say one thing: mood. 

Unfortunately, the list of LGBTQIA+ champions is still rather short, especially since we're nearing 170 champions in the game. Hopefully we can get more representation in the coming years.