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Don't waste this opportunity!

Why You Need To Play Gwen & Taliyah This Week

Taliyah Gwen
Play them before it's too late! | © Riot Games

Taliyah and Gwen have been OP for a while now, with Patch 12.10 helping them get even better. Now, the nerf hammer will hit them in Patch 12.11. Play them before that happens!

There was a reason why Gwen was picked so often during MSI. Why we all knew it was over for T1 when RNG first picked her in the final round of the finale. She's just insane right now.

The same can be said about Taliyah. Ever since her rework, she's been doing so much better in the mid lane, even if you might not be able to see her much in your elo (it's just so much easier to pick Veigar, I guess). 

Both of them have been performing extremely well. So well, that Riot has now decided to nerf both of these fantastic champions in Patch 12.11. Before that happens: pick them!

Why You Should Play Taliyah & Gwen

If you're comfortable mid or top, then I'm urging you to play Taliyah and Gwen until next week. These champions are so OP that if you just spend a bit of time in the practice tool, you'll be getting free LP.

You want that sweet Victory Skin at the end of the season, right? Well, again, if you're playing top or mid, then you can get it if you just play Taliyah and Gwen.

And I get it, not everyone of you will get the hang of these two champions immediately. Especially Gwen is... somewhat new, I guess and Taliyah feels so different ever since she received her rework.

But don't worry because we have guides that will help you learn these champions in no time. You will be able to grind till next week when Patch 12.11 releases and will be able to earn some more LP. Staying faithful to Gwen: quick, quick!