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Please make it happen Riot!

We Want These Arcane Characters as Champions

Lore 09-11-2021 15:30
Mel Medarda Arcane
Would you play Mel as a champion? | © Riot Games

Arcane dropped this weekend with great success after a huge marketing campaign. It seemed like Riot partnered with anyone who is anyone and it made the show one of the biggest hits on Netflix, topping the watch list in around 40 countries.

What makes the show so magical though? Well, not only the champions we already know and love from Summoner’s Rift, but also the new characters which were introduced throughout the show.

So, of course, fans are already theorizing which characters could make their debut on the rift in the coming year or so. We know that the next two champions will be from Piltover and Zaun, but have they already been introduced in Arcane? Let’s check out the characters that have potential as champions.

Which Characters Would Make Great Champions?

We’ve taken four (+1) champions from the Netflix series Arcane and imagined our own versions of them in Arcane. Would you agree with us that these are the best potential champions?

Mel Medarda

Mel would make an insanely interesting support pick in League of Legends. She is the richest person in Piltover but strives to achieve more. This could mean that she is able to augment and buff up her allies. Maybe something like Ornn’s ability to improve items could apply to her kit?


We can imagine Deckard as a top laner similar to Gnar or Kled. He could have two forms, a weaker long-ranged form and a tough and buff bruiser/tank form. This transformation could either be applied through an ultimate or through a rage bar similar to that of Gnar. Either way he would make an insane champion in League of Legends.


If you forgot who this is, he is the big robot that is part of the council in Piltover. His lore makes him a very interesting character – especially since he seems to be very adamant that he hates magic due to the fact that mages nearly wiped out his race. Therefore, an anti-mage mid laner would make sense for Bolbok. Make it happen Riot please!


Having an enforcer on the rift would make things extremely interesting. Since Grayson didn’t make it through the first episodes, we do think that Marcus is the next best choice. He would fit into the bot lane as an ADC, since he was seen to be wielding a gun. Add in some deceitful tactics to his gameplay and he could be just as overloaded as Akshan.

Honorable Mention: The Zaunite Yordle

Fans seem to want the mysterious Yordle that is shown in two scenes of the first act in Arcane. There are even already tweets surrounding her potential design and even her potential abilities. It seems that even without uttering a single word she has become a fan favorite.

With the fan-made abilities, she could be a decent jungler – which would mean we’ve got a complete team right here and ready for more Arcane action. What do you guys think of the potential champions in Arcane?

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