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LoL: Champion Roadmap - This Is The Next League of Legends Champion

News 01-02-2024 15:39

Which LoL Champions will Riot be releasing next? Thanks to the Champion Roadmap fans and players can know which champs are going to be added to the game next and the lineup for the next few champions looks pretty interesting with a new mid lane mage and a mysterious Vastayan from the Freljord. 

Smolder splash art
Smolder is the current newest Champion. | © Riot Games

Riot releases the LoL Champion Roadmap every few months. Through the roadmap we get new hints on upcoming League of Legends champions, reworks and much more in scope of champions that Riot is working on. 

There is some pretty interesting stuff happening, like more champions in 2024, as well as champion updates coming soon. Are you ready for more mid-scope updates

LoL Champion Roadmap: How Many Champions To Expect In 2024

There is no exact number for champion releases each year. In 2022 Riot had five champion releases, while in 2023 only four champions were released, but it seems like that's the standard for champion releases is around 4 or 5-champion mark. 

With Riot also working on Skarner VGU – which should finally come out in 2024 – we predict that there will be four new champions coming to Summoner's Rift in 2024. One is already known, while more information on other upcoming champions is sure to come during the Season 14 start.  

Release of Smolder

Heavenscale Smolder
Smolder is also part of the Heavenscale event. | © Riot Games

Smolder has just been released on the 31 January 2024, and now we have to patiently wait for the next cool champion!

Teemo and Lee Sin ASU

Teemo 0
Teemo is getting a face lift soon! | © Riot Games

The Jax ASU has gone live in LoL Patch 13.20 and now all eyes are on Lee Sin and Teemo as the next champions to receive some upgraded art from Riot. The two champions will look much better in the game, especially Lee Sin who has had some... questionable poses with his neck. 

Riot are working hard on fixing his posture, as well as how the model will look in the game. As one of the most popular junglers in the game thanks to his flashy plays, it's important to make him look good so players will want to show their friends. 

Teemo is going to be much more expressive thanks to the ASU, with Riot trying to turn a decent model into an HD model. He will receive and updated outfit, as well as some more facial expressions. Oh, and he is going to be a bit bigger than before, with longer limbs and better animations. 

These two ASU's should go live throughout 2024. 

Skarner's VGU Coming In 2024

Skarner VGU header
Skarner's VGU is going to be pretty epic. | © Riot Games

There has been more information lately on the Skarner VGU. One of the biggest is that he is being moved away from Shurima and into Ixtal, where he now becomes a wielder of earth magic.

Along with the updated region and look, Skarner is also going to have some interesting changes to his abilities. No more spires! Oh, and his ultimate has been teased to be AoE, meaning he can pick up multiple targets. 

Along with that, there is more information on his kit. With his move to Ixtal, Skarner is also being turned into an earth-rune scorpion and away from the crystals. This means he will have almost earth-bending abilities from Avatar: The Last Airbender which is pretty cool. 

He will be able to rip out whole boulders from the map and use those boulders as ammunition to whip against enemies, dealing damage, while another ability is set to create a shockwave by jumping up and down. His final ability that was shown will be a dash which even lets him move through walls, similar to Sion ultimate. 

Riot have announced that the Skarner VGU will release in early 2024.  

New Vastaya Champion Teased

Freljord Raiders
A new Freljordian champ is coming soon! | © Riot Games

There isn't much revealed yet, but we are also going to be getting a new Vastaya in League of Legends. The champion is supposed to live somewhere in the Freljord and will be a solo lane champion. She will be a female champion, but other than that, there are no real spoilers for her yet.

She could be the rumoured huntress Freljord champion though. It would make sense, since this Vastaya is supposed to be someone who lives in an alpine forest in the Freljord, meaning she would have to hunt. She will likely be released in 2024 but we have to wait for more information from Riot.

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