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LoL: Champion Roadmap — This Is The Next League of Legends Champion

News 03-06-2024 15:55

Which LoL Champions will Riot be releasing next? Thanks to the Champion Roadmap fans and players can know which champs are going to be added to the game next and the lineup for the next few champions looks pretty interesting with a new mid lane mage and a mysterious Vastayan from the Freljord. 

League of Legends Aurora teaser
The newest champion is Aurora! | © Riot Games

Riot releases the LoL Champion Roadmap every few months. Through the roadmap we get new hints on upcoming League of Legends champions, reworks and much more in scope of champions that Riot is working on. 

Now, halfway through 2024, a new champion has been teased with a fun little in-client mini-game. Who is this new chempion and what other reworks and champions can we look forward to? 

LoL Champion Roadmap: How Many Champions To Expect In 2024

There is no exact number of champion releases each year. In 2022 Riot had five champion releases, while in 2023 only four champions were released, but it seems like that's the standard for champion releases is around the 4 or 5-champion mark. 

This year, Riot have revealed that the new champions will slow down, though. Riot shuffled people around internally, and therefore it seems that we will have fewer new champions, but with a roster of over 160 champions this isn't such a bad idea. 

Aurora – A New Top Lane Mage 

Aurora League of Legends champion
The new vastaya! | © Riot Games

A brand-new champion is coming to League of Legends, and her name is going to be Aurora. She is a bunny Vastaya who is currently taking refuge in the Freljord. She becomes friends with Ornn, something which is extremely unlikely. Not just that, but Ornn even creates a wand for her to use. 

Ornn is known for his artifacts, though most champions only happen upon those Ornn forged items, like Braum and his shield – which is actually a door – and Fizz with the trident. So, for Ornn to make an artifact especially for Aurora is very special, and he even refers to her as a "friend" something which is quite unique and interesting. 

Aurora Abilities

So far there isn't much known about Aurora and her kit. We know she is someone who wields strong magic, able to create portals, which could be something that her kit will include, though it isn't confirmed. She is going to be a mid-range solo laner though, so it'll be interesting to see how she is played. 

Teemo Art and Sustainability Update

Teemo 0
Teemo is getting a face lift soon! | © Riot Games

Riot recently released the Lee Sin ASU, which revitalized the blind monk and gave him a brand-new look. Teemo is another champion that will be getting an Art and Sustainability update, but it has been delayed a bit and will be releasing later in 2024. 

Teemo will get more animations and emotions showing on his little Yordle face. It'll be interesting to see how Riot improve his model and his animations. Though, players will still have to wait a little while longer until Riot releases it. 

Ambessa Medarda As A New Champion In League of Legends

Ambessa Medarda
Ambessa as a LoL champion? She is my main already. | © Riot Games

Ambessa Medarda, one of the most iconic characters from Arcane in the first season, is coming to League of Legends. Riot revealed this during their initial kick-off stream at the start of the 2024 season. Ambessa Medarda would be a perfect top lane bruiser, but unfortunately this has not been confirmed yet. But just... look at her. 

She is going to be the first Arcane exclusive champion in League of Legends, with TFT having already included characters from the show in their game. Right now, there is no timeline for when she is going to be released, but adding her to the game along with Arcane Season 2 would be perfect, so we predict that Ambessa will be hitting Summoner's Rift in November 2024

Upcoming Visual And Gameplay Updates

There are two VGU's planned. One is for a mystery champion from Arcane, while another is going to be for none other than Shyvana. Shyvana has been voted second for multiple VGU polls, always getting outdone by another champion, which is why Riot believe she is worthy of receiving a VGU. 

Darkflame Shyvana
Shyvana VGU soon! | © Riot Games

Shyvana's VGU is planned for 2025, so players will still have to wait quite a while until she is going to be upgraded. 

On the other hand, later in 2024, Riot is planning a VGU for another champion from Arcane. There are multiple champions Riot could have on the radar for this, but which champion would it be? Vi who released in 2012? Maybe Singed? So far there is no information. 

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