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Arcane Theories: Noxus in Piltover

Lore 15-11-2021 14:30
Noxus in Arcane
What does Mel know? | © Riot Games

Arcane Act II was released over the weekend and even more questions and theories have come up throughout the episodes. We thought we would be getting answers, instead, we just want to know more. Hopefully, the final 3 episodes of Act III will satisfy our curiosities.

One of our biggest curiosities surrounds Mel Medarda, one of the council members of Piltover and a whole different region of Runeterra – Noxus. Will we be seeing the introduction of Noxian characters in Arcane? How is Noxus involved with everything happening in the Netflix series?

Hints of Noxus Throughout Arcane Act II

Swain’s Crows

First, let’s check out some – pretty obvious – easter eggs sprinkled throughout the second act of Arcane. The most obvious hint? The crows. There were jokes running amok when a trailer of Arcane was released in which Jinx shot a crow. Why? Because Swain, the Noxian Grand General is known for his ravens.

Fans had a chuckle at the image of Jinx shooting the raven in the trailer, dubbing it ‘Beatrice’ after Swain's raven. But with the reveal of act II, those jokes seem more like reality than ever before.

There were other instances in which crows throughout the series, which are foreboding hints towards Noxus involvement within the plot. We know that Noxus wishes to expand their territory and Piltover is a key trading port which the empire seeks to control.

Swain could be pulling strings in the background to gain control, using Mel who is looking to gain more power and recognition – since she is a rejected Medarda and looking to redeem herself. So what better way to gain power than to strike a deal with Jericho Swain himself?

Mel’s Painting

The painting Mel creates in the final episode of the second arc depicts Noxian war ships in front of the Immortal Bastion. The huge painting shows the large red sails of a Noxus fleet. This could be a huge hint that she is somehow involved with Noxus.

Once again, the theory that she somehow tried to get ahead, like any of the other council members, by forging secret deals and alliances could be confirmed through this painting. With the involvement of Swain, she could have forged a treaty in secret with Swain.

Mel’s Assistant

Another theory floating around on the internet is that Mel’s assistant is a secret spy from the Black Rose, a secret organization within Noxus led by LeBlanc. The voice actress of the assistant is the same as the Legends of Runeterra card ‘Black Rose Spy’.

Through the cinematic trailer of Rise of the Underworld, we also know that the Black Rose is interested in the crystals, which is why the Balck Rose could be involved with Mel in some way as well.

Arc III Trailer

Within the sneak peek of the third act, we also catch a glimpse of Mel and her assistant surrounded by troops from Noxus. This is a sure sign that Noxus is somehow involved within the coming act. How is yet to be determined, but we’re excited to find out.

Personally, I would love a Swain cameo, but that could just be a pipe dream of mine.

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