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Arcane Theories: Will Vander Become Warwick?

Lore 11-12-2021 13:00
Old God Warwick
Warwick could play a big role in season 2 of Arcane. | © Riot Games

From the moment that the champions and characters of Arcane were revealed, fans started to speculate. Is Silco actually Singed? Nope, that was quickly debunked. Is Beatrice, Swain’s raven, going to be making an appearance? Is Vander actually Warwick before he became a mutant experiment of Singed?

So many theories and questions surrounded the show and, well, today we’re going to be looking at a very likely theory that surrounded Arcane and will likely be confirmed in season 2. Is Vander really Warwick? These are all clues that point to the answer being ‘yes’.

Music and Sound Cues in Arcane

Like the trailers, Arcane has confused some people thanks to smart music and visual cues. One thing couldn’t be more obvious though and those are some sound choices the directors made throughout the show.

Vander was only in Arcane for the first act, but he’s dug himself into our hearts. When he got captured in episode 3 and was dragged around in the warehouse there were a few very specific sound cues that sounded just like Warwick’s theme in League of Legends. Coincidence? Probably not.

Warwick no skin splash
Will we be seeing this creature in season 2? | © Riot Games

Vander’s Nickname in Arcane

Also, Vander has a very peculiar nickname. ‘The Hound of the Underground’. Why refer to this beefy tank of a man as a hound? What makes him so dog-like? It’s all very mysterious, but it’s also a huge hint towards his true identity on Summoner’s Rift.

Silco also refers to Vander as a dog, which is just meant as a derogatory term, but he could have referred to any other animal. A monkey, a bat, a horse, who cares but why was it a dog? Riot we see you!

Warwick Voice Lines

There are also quite a few voice lines that Warwick has in League of Legends, which have a whole new meaning after watching Arcane. Him encountering Vi in the game makes him spout some weird bs, if you haven’t watched the Netflix series.

So, the fact that he talks about the ‘fear in her eyes which he has seen before’ we’re pretty certain he means the fear he saw in Vi’s eyes when she was younger.

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The Final Scene

We also cannot forget the final scene in which we see Singed. Sure, he’s got the locket in one hand of the photo of his daughter – who by the way looks an awful lot like Orianna, does she not? But we also catch a glimpse of a mutation hanging and their claws.

Is Warwick coming in season 2 of Arcane? Pretty much confirmed if you ask me. So, even if we’re just out here theorizing out of our ass, we know that Warwick will be in Arcane season 2. We’re 99.99% sure of it.

Do you guys agree with our theories? Do you think that Vander will make a comeback as Warwick? Or will we never find out whether the theories are right, because… well… Warwick doesn’t really remember who he was before he mutated, right?

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