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Champion Lore: Vel'Koz, A Different Hunger.

Lore 17-01-2022 14:04
Blackfrost velkoz
The end is nigh | © Riot Games

League of Legends has a large variety of unique and interesting champions. Today, we'll be checking Vel'Koz, a giant floating eyeball tentacle monster from another dimension that shoots disintegrating lazers. We'll be analyzing one of his short stories, A different Hunger.

Having been released 7 years ago, Vel'Koz has since been hurting for some love and attention. Being of the only monster champions, he has always been unique. Loved for his interesting design, and big brain gameplay, Vel'Koz is definitely well known. But this isn't always shown by Riot in terms of skins and buffs. However, he does get quite a bit of attention from the lore team.

Brief Synopsis.

The story follows a soldier and his friends as they do their routinely patrols. Life is good and they are feeling extremely positive. We learn their job is to watch the frontier for signs of war in a place called Tokogol.

Eventually they come upon an outpost that they are supposed to stop by. Immediately the soldiers can tell something is off, and they ready their weapons. They find the civilians spooked and horrified at what had they seen. Everyone was too stunned to speak. Every survivor they found, had a mysterious wound where their left eye should be, but it was too clean for any normal weapon. They had no idea how this could've happened.

After finding no answers, the soldiers begin to wonder who even lit the beacon that had brought them there. That's when it hits them, this is a trap. Vel'Koz is swift and silent, dismantling the soldiers ranks in a moment and devastating them instantly. He then proceeds to procedurally remove their left eyes for study painlessly. They are all left in an incapacitated state, and the story ends.

Arclight Velkoz
Human melting point remains... inconsistent. | © Riot Games

What did we learn? 

Although not told from Vel'Kozs perspective, we learn a lot about him regardless. We already know Vel'Koz is one of if not the oldest voidborn, he has been watching for centuries. This means he's seen things like the Shuriman war and Icathian civil war. He's witnessed the rune wars and the ruination. Because he knows this, the watchers know too which has several implications on future of the void.

One of the many things we learned, is that Vel'Koz is smart enough to trick his prey. We know he's smart, his entire concept is that of research and scientific study. But we didn't know he would go so far as to light a human beacon to attract the human guards and experiment on them.

We also learned that Vel'Koz can see peoples memories when he interacts with them. In the story, when he was removing the eyes we got dialogue about what he saw. Through this dialogue we learned that Vel'Koz can glean memories and knowledge from living things he interacts with.

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Overall, this story gave us a deeper look into one of League's most interesting champions, and revealed a lot about Vel'Koz. Make sure to check out his biography on the universe page to learn even more about this monstrous eyeball!

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