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Who is this daring Yordle?

Champion Lore: Corki, The Daring Bombadier

Lore 28-07-2021 18:15
Astronaut Corki Final
Corki dashes into danger without a single care in the world. | © Riot Games

Yordles are great, aren't they? Cute, Crazy and sometimes directly involved in empowering the ruined king. And Corki is one of those fluffy little beings. According to his champion lore sits in his plane and reigns the skies above Piltover, showing off his rockets and barrel rolls. But what more is there to know? Get all the lore background about Corki, The Daring Bomber here.

Fortunately, Riot Games loves champion lore as much as we do. Each champion has their own exciting story that gives us a behind-the-scenes look. For example, here you can find background stories about each of your favorite Champions in League of Legends. In addition, we learn more about champions through other games like Legends of Runeterra as well as in-game events.

This was the case recently with the champion Vex, who was teased via the Sentinels event in League of Legends.

But back to the topic...

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Who is Corki?

Corki went to Piltover, with other Yordles such as Heimerdinger. Once there, he made a name for himself as the most daring and best pilot in town. As captain of the Screaming Yipsnakes Squadron, a squad of fighter pilots, he took on every mission. No matter how dangerous the situation got, Corki could always be counted on. He took out targets behind enemy lines and delivered messages in hot zones.

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Not only is he a genius pilot, but according to his champion lore, Corki is also a great mechanic. Whether it is adding a spectacular arsenal of weapons to his vehicle or improving his engine, it's a piece of cake for Corki.

Corki Splash Art
Corki sitting in his ROFL Copter... don't we love Boomer Humor. | © Riot Games

Corki's ROFL Copter

Yep, you read that right. Corki's machine is called ROFL Copter. Or well the long version: Reconnaissance Operations Front-Line Copter. For the older League of Legends fans amongst you, that's certainly worth a chuckle. Back when Corki was released in 2009, ROFL was a much-used word and a common alternative to the phrase “lol”.

Since there is no more fighting in the skies over Piltover, Corki had to retire. Seemingly flying through canyons and doing other stunts doesn't bring him the joy war used to. That's why he joined the League and is fighting over the Rift now. Together with his beloved ROFL Copter he blows away the competition on Summoner's Rift. 

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