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The frozen wastes hide numerous stories.

Full Freljord Lore Summary

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The Freljord is an interesting place, but which champions come from there?

Anivia Lo L
The only benevolent Demigod | © Riot Games

Every single region has had its own place under the proverbial League of Legends sun. Piltover and Zaun had the Arcane series, while Nexus and Demacia are the original rivalries in the lore. However, the one region where said sun doesn't shine, figuratively and literally, is Freljord.

Freljord is a land of ice, desolate landscapes, and brutal in-fighting. However, the region also hides some interesting storyline, which is unfortunately yet unexplored, but could serve as a new event in more ways than one.

The Genesis of Freljord: Demigods

Before the land, now known as Freljord, was settled by the various races of Runeterra, magical beings inhabited it. The most powerful of which were the demigods.

Let him craft in peace | © Riot Games

We know little of the demigods inhabiting the prehistoric Freljord, aside from the two bothers, Volibear and Ornn, and Anivia, the noble protector of the lands. The early humans which settled the lands started worshipping these deities, assuming their ideals in life, such as the love of warfare which Volibear embodies, and the crafting which is the signature of Ornn.

When the three Sisters rose to prominence, however, and defied the Deities, Volibear wished to strike them down. Ornn's refusal to help him caused a battle that killed all of Ornn's followers and drove a rift between the two brothers, with Volibear not having the strength to kill the witches alone, even after his multiple tries.

The Folly of The Three Witches

It did not take long for the witches to seek immortality, one of which is the current midlaner, Lissandra, and make a pact with the Void. And, while they ruled the lands of Freljord, protecting the mortals, the Void was preparing for its arrival.

Porcelain Lissandra splash
Blindness can't save your from memories of betrayal | © Riot Games

Fortunately, Lissandra's sisters were not as blind to the dangers of the Void as she was, and confront her about the consequences of her actions, raising a banner in rebellion against the end of the world.

It's heavily implied that in their efforts to save the world from, what is now Vel'Koz, Lissandra uses the lives of her sisters as fuel, to trap the Watcher beneath the ice. 

The Current State of Affairs in Freljord

As it stands, the current region of Freljord is in a state of constant civil war, with three factions waging for supremacy. These are the diametrically opposed factions led by Ashe, from the bountiful hinterlands, and Sejuani's raiders and marauders, both of which have their own vision of a united Freljord.

Ashe 0
If you can conquer Tryndamere, you can conquer anything | © Riot Games

And yet, from the shadows of ancient spires looms a third, hidden faction, led by none other than the Ice Witch herself, the ancient being that is Lissandra. And she will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo and have the Watcher imprisoned within the ice.

Perhaps the only one capable of saving Freljord is an innocent soul, a remnant of a tribe that worshiped the noble guardian Anivia. We are of course talking about Nunu and his companion, Willump, one a chosen of ancient magic, and the other his faithful companion created by his imagination!

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