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The Best Mid Laners For Beginners

Champion Guides 12-04-2024 15:40
Annie versary
No one does more burst damage than Annie. | © Riot Games

LoL Season 14 is underway. Riot kicked of the year with Smolder who is primarily played as an ADC but also saw some play in the mid lane. After many nerfs however he really isnt played anymore so lets look at what other champions you can pick up just as easily and instantly perform!

There are multiple positions in League of Legends and we have many other beginner guides for all levels of noob out there. If you're unsure which lane to play on, make sure to check out our guide to all League of Legends lanes or even just a guide to the different roles available in the game. But enough of that it's time to look at some champions! 

Check out these easy champions! 

4. Annie - The Dark Child

Annie is an extremely easy mid lane pick and does some of the highest burst damage in the game thanks to her ultimate. Her ultimate summons a giant teddy bear – named Tibbers – and when you manage to flash onto an opponent, press R you'll be able to eliminate anyone with ease. 

Her passive is also extremely easy to understand. All you need to know how to do is count to four. After casting 4 spells, Annie's next offensive spell will stun the target. Pretty easy, right? This way you've got solid CC in your kit as well. 

Stun opponents, summon Tibbers and go ham! You'll be the carry for your team. Who would have thought that such a small child could create such havoc on Summoner's Rift, right? 

3. Malzahar - The Prophet of the Void

Malzahar can control the waves with ease thanks to his Q and his E. He's able to gain the upper hand and farm away. If you're looking for super interactive gameplay, then this isn't your champion, but if you want a solid and easy pick, then Malz is your man. 

Malzahar Bee
Check out Malzahar for an easy mid lane pick. | © Riot Games

If the opposing team has chosen a pesky assassin, then Malzahar can simply ult them to protect himself. He is the OG anti-assassin champion and can control champions with ease. Hey, thanks to this pick, Samsung Galaxy won Worlds in 2017! 

He's also got a built-in shield in his kit, which makes him even safer. So, if you've got a need to control the lane, keep everything under control and you want to slowly win games, then check out Malzahar. 

2. Veigar - The Tiny Master of Evil

'The Tiny Master of Evil' is truly a perfect name for this little champion, right? He's just that awful to go up against, but he's also one of the easiest champions to master in the mid lane if you're ever starting out so we suggest picking him whenever you can at the start of your LoL adventure. 

Elderwood veigar
Veigar is an easy champion. | © Riot Games

What makes him so fun and easy for beginners though? Well, Veigar doesn't require you to have a PhD from Runeterra university to understand him. You stun your opponents with the huge AoE cage, then you Q them. If you kill them you gain permanent AP. Easy-peasy to remember and that's the strat you go for in most cases with him. 

The only thing you need to watch out for when picking Veigar is the match-up. Don't pick him into champions like Zed or Fizz since they out manoeuvre you and well... you're a tiny Yordle with little to no mobility, but against TF or Seraphine you're going to have a great time. Scale into the late game and you become unstoppable. 

1. Vex - The Gloomist

Vex was released in 2021 and while we think of new champions are being completely overloaded with dashes, splashes and anything else that rhymes, Vex is the opposite and a very easy champion to pick up. She can stay safe and deal a lot of damage, making her super fun to play. Her built-in anti-dash mechanics also make her quite valuable to any team comp. 

Dawnbringer Vex Skin
Vex is a solid mid lane pick for anyone trying out League! | © Riot Games

You might have a hard time managing your mana in the early stages of the game, but Vex will be the carry in any late game. Make sure your fear bar is up, ult into a fight and press W to fear everyone else before killing them with your Q. You can do this over-and-over thanks to the reset on her ultimate. 

Vex is a simple champion and within a few games you'll understand which combos work best. Make sure to keep an eye on the fear, and then you can control the wave. She's so much fun and a very safe pick in the mid lane. 

So, hopefully you have learned something and found a champion that suits your play style, whether that's aggressive or more passive. The mid lane is the most popular lane in League of Legends, so obviously you'll want to dominate! 

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