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We want some better lore for our insane clown!

League of Legends: Please Fix Shaco's Lore

Lore 27-02-2023 15:17
Masked shaco
Lore isn't for everyone but for some of us it's important. | © Riot Games

Shaco is one of the most obnoxious champions in League of Legends. He cackles and runs around like he’s lost his marbles somewhere along the way, appearing from the shadows only to kill you.

But does his lore do him justice? Hardly. Today we’re going to be taking a look at Shaco and his lore – or lack of if we’re being honest. Shaco can join the ‘we need our lore to be looked over’ club along with Cho’Gath and Corki. Please do something about our insane clown Riot!

LoL: What is Shaco’s Lore?

According to his lore, Shaco is a mysterious figure in Valoran. He travels the land and kills, cackling and giggling along the way – much like he does on Summoner’s Rift. But he is a mystery to most. Is he a being from another planet, a comic book character come to life or just an assassin?

One thing we know is that he constantly evades capture, and makes his way through the world, continuing his killings. He is most often seen there were madness is found, but that is about it.

That’s the lore. That’s Shaco.

Does Shaco Have a Color Story?

Shaco does not have a color story either. It’s understandable that this champion should be shrouded in mystery, but to have so little known about him is also rather sad. There are so many opportunities for insane stories revolving around him which wouldn’t reveal who Shaco really is, if that is what Riot is trying to get at.

One example could be a story of one of his killings from the point of view of a victim. Have them sweat, beg for their life and cry, while Shaco stands over the victim, grinning from ear to ear, juggling his knives, playing with his victim before landing the killing blow.

We could have a scene of someone running for their life, echoes of laughter following them through the thick underbrush of a forest until they step on a trap and three small jack-in-the-boxes appear, laughing in synch before they explode.

We could also include a story of the police trying to find this serial killer called Shaco. Having them almost catch him, but the slippery murderer evades them, making them look like fools, almost like in a cartoon could make for a great story.

A simple color story along those lines would be enough to flesh out Shaco some more, give him a sense of belonging without revealing too much of his character and who – or what – he truly is.

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