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Some League of Legends alternate universes are as cannon as the main one.

Spirit Blossom: Lore, Champions & More

Lore 03-10-2022 23:30
Spirit Blossom
The Spirit Blossom Festival hides more secrets than you can imagine | Riot Games

The Spirit Blossom event is an ancient Ionian festival, filled with various folklore. It is a time akin to the All Hallows Eve of the real world, and other such dates in the year when the barrier between the natural and spiritual weakens.

In Ionia, though, Spirit Blossom is not to be feared. However, it's not to be taken lightly either. Here we bring you all of the information needed to live through it and perhaps benefit from meeting these spirits.

Are Spirit Blossom Skins Canon?

When it comes to the Spirit Blossom event, the most popular part of said event is the skins accompanying it. In the main League of Legends universe, both the Spirit Blossom lore and the Spirit Blossom skins are canon.

Spirit Blossom Kindred
Spirit Blossom Kindred used to be a single lonely man | Riot Games

"The Spirit Blossom Festival is an ancient and celebrated time in Ionia, when the door to the spirit world is opened, the dead return to their loved ones, and spirits of all manner turn their eyes towards the living. From the benevolent Kanmei to the obsessive Akana—their stories play out again and again, like shadows on a paper lantern."

How Many Spirit Blossom Spirits are There?

There are, currently, as many Spirit Blossom Spirits as there are Spirit Blossom Skins in League of Legends. Each and every champion with a Spirit Blossom skin is one of the aspects of Ionia's spirit folklore.

  • Spirit Blossom Ahri - The Spirit of Salvation
  • Spirit Blossom Aphelios - The Twin Spirits of Night
  • Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia - The Spirit of Temptation
  • Spirit Blossom Darius - The Spirit of War
  • Spirit Blossom Evelynn - The Spirit of Love
  • Spirit Blossom Kindred -The Spirit of Death
  • Spirit Blossom Lillia - The Spirit of Loss
  • Spirit Blossom Master Yi - The Spirit of Legacy
  • Spirit Blossom Riven - The Spirit of Despair
  • Spirit Blossom Sett - The Spirit of Challenge
  • Spirit Blossom Soraka - The Spirit of Pity
  • Spirit Blossom Syndra - The Spirit of Freedom
  • Spirit Blossom Teemo - The Spirit of Nature
  • Spirit Blossom Thresh - The Spirit of Obssession
  • Spirit Blossom Tristana - The Spirit of Chance
  • Spirit Blossom Vayne - The Spirit of Hate
  • Spirit Blossom Yasuo - The Spirit of Heroism
  • Spirit Blossom Yone - The Spirit of Reflection
  • Spirit Blossom Yorick - The Spirit of Ruin

As their names would indicate, these Spirits have all taken on the aspect of who they used to be in life, such as Riven The Spirit of Despair, or what they were born from, such as Evelynn The Spirit of Love.

What is the Lore of Spirit Blossom?

As the Spirit Realm of Runeterra only interacts with Runeterra during the Spirit Blossom festival, the actual lore is not as easily defined. Much like the Shadow Isles, instead of the usual chronological lore, we instead have the interactions between the various spirits.

The most famous interaction is, of course, the one between the brothers Yasuo The Spirit of Heroism, and Yone The Spirit of Reflection.

However, in the most recent lore development we have an opportunity to witness Sett's journey.

What is Spirit Blossom Sett's Lore?

Spirit Blossom Sett is born to two spirits. One an Akana and the second a Kanmei. In the Spirit Blossom lore, the Akana spirits are the malicious ones, and dealing with them is to bring their wrath upon yourself, as they embody and fulfill concepts harmful to mortals.

On the other hand, the Kanmei are the benevolent Spirits, who tend to helo anyone that crosses their path, whether they are mortal or a Spirit. In Sett's case, his mother is an unknown Kanmei Spirit, while his father is an Akana Spirit, The Spirit of Abandonment in particular.

Spirit Blossom Sett
With how Riot don't like to lean into lore resolution, we doubt that Sett's story will end productively | Riot Games

Now Sett, due to the trauma induced by his Father's departure from his life has grown into a Spirit of Challenge, who challenges all slain great warriors to test their mettle. Once again, one the even of the Spirit Blossom Festival he has set off in pursuit of finding his father.

Syndra, The Spirit of Freedom offers to free him from his shackles which he says he has no need for, while Master Yi, the Spirit of Legacy, offers to teach him what he needs to know and is again refused, as he can no longer trust anyone.

Sett is, currently, classified as both an Akana and Kanmei, and the result of his journey will likely push him to one side or another. Though with how he refuses help to deal with his trauma, we fear that he may become a full Akana in the end.

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