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You Won't Need a Keyboard Anymore With this Mouse

Hardware 04-04-2022 16:00
Kone XP Titel

On Match 29, 2022 ther long-awaited Roccat Kone XP was released. This gaming mouse is the successor of the Roccat Kone Aimo Remastered. We've tested the brand new mouse ahead of time and we have some great news: This is the perfect mouse for MOBAs like League of Legends. So let's check out the review! 

Let's start off with the basics: In the package you'll receive the mouse – obviously – a bit of paper stuff which we ignored and some extra footing for the bottom of your mouse, in case it gets run down with use. 

The look is pretty cool, but it all depends on personal preference here. The side pieces are the same as with the Kone Pro and thanks to the grooves you've got a good grip. The back is slightly transparent with a milky coating. This allows the RGB lighting to shine through, but unfortunately the transparent element is also relatively slippery.

If you don't like white, then don't worry, the Kone XP is also available in black. This mouse weighs 104 grams, which is 26 grams lighter as it's predecessor, but it isn't considered an 'ultra-light' mouse. The size should fit most gamers though, since it works even for those of you with bigger hands. 

Many Keys Bring You Versatility

The Kone XP has relatively many keys, which can be quite favorable to anyone who wants to use it when playing an MMO or a MOBA. Just on the left of the mouse, you've got four buttons which you can press with your thumb. Perfect for your abilities, right? It also has a button on the lower side that you can operate with your thumb.

Kone XP Seitentasten
This is where you could put your abilities!

However, the latter is a bit awkwardly placed, as we often triggered it by mistake in our test. It would also help if it were a bit more difficult to activate.

You will also find two buttons to the left of the left mouse button. You can use these to control the DPI of the mouse. These are also rather poorly placed, as we accidentally triggered them with our left index finger. Accidentally adjusting the DPI can lead to some pretty bad plays, so that is something you'll have to watch out for! 

The mouse wheel is also interesting. Roccat has installed the Crystal 4D wheel here. It works flawlessly and has a special function. Besides scrolling up and down and clicking, you can also trigger an action by tilting the mouse wheel to the left and right. This gives you two extra buttons.

The Roccat XP has a total of 15 buttons with the mouse wheel, DPI buttons, thumb buttons and the usual buttons. That should be enough for skills and items. Now you understand why we said that you won't even need your keyboard anymore, right? It will be at least enough to operate Yuumi, that's for sure. 

Technology: Everything Up To Date

The Roccat Kone XP is equipped with an Owl Eye sensor that manages up to 19,000 DPI. This is a flawless optical sensor that will give you up to 50G of acceleration, which will get you up to 400 inches per second. That's not excessive, but it's perfectly sufficient for League.

The Titan Optical switches are installed under the left and right mouse buttons. They are designed for up to 100 million clicks, which once again shows that Roccat focuses on durability. With the mouse, you get a polling rate of up to 1,000 Hertz, which corresponds to a reaction speed of one millisecond.

Kone XP Vorderseite
This might look cool, but it is a bit slippery.

Other small touches we thoroughly liked:

  • The cable also has a high-quality finish
    • It is covered with fabric and 1.80 meters long
  • You can save up to 5 profiles in the Kone XP and use it with your settings on all devices even without the software

Conclusion: Roccat Kone XP for League of Legends

As already mentioned, thanks to the multitude of buttons, this is a great mouse for anyone that enjoys playing MOBAs. Unfortunately, not all the keys are placed in the right spots for easy access, and you might even press some by accident in certain situations. But if we're being honest, that's the only really negative aspect of the mouse. 

Overall, this is a decent mouse for around $90, which is a fair price for so many features and the specs. So, if you've got some extra cash lying around and need a new mouse with some longevity, then the Roccat Kone XP is yours. 

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