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This filthy parasite is a disgrace to all cats!

5 Reasons Why Yuumi Should Be Deleted From LoL

Champions 18-08-2023 17:57
Battle Principal Yuumi
Look how this entitled piece of cat looks down on us from above. | © Riot Games

Yuumi has been a problem in League of Legends for a long time. No matter how often Riot have tried to nerf her or even change her kit, she continues to be a problem. The only solution we have is to remove her from LoL entirely, and we will give you five reasons why Yuumi should be deleted.

League of Legends has a pretty easy core concept. There are 164 champions, all of which have a health bar, a passive and four spells. With Aphelios, we already have a champion not sticking to the rules by picking up six spells, but you know what? That is okay, because he is at least killable. Yuumi, on the other hand, is not. This gives her the worst play pattern ever!

Not a single champion in League of Legends causes the playerbase a comparable level of frustration, and only Teemo and Yasuo have ever managed to come close to the levels of pain Yuumi inflicts. Unlike Yasuo, she is not even hard to play – and unlike Teemo, she can single-handedly carry teamfights while you can not even catch her!

Think of all the pain and anguish Yuumi has caused with her existence alone. There even is a petition on change.org to remove Yuumi from the game! It is evident that we are not the only ones who want this parasite in the shape of a cat off the Rift forever! Rito please, delete her already!

1. Yuumi Sucks Because Her Gameplay Is Not Interactive

What is Yuumi's gameplay about? Glue yourself to your AD Carry or any fed ally after laning phase. Throw some Q – Prowling Projectiles once in a while and give your friends a shield when an enemy champion appears – while sticking to them, of course. No worries, they will do the moving for you and recalling for you and spoonfeed you with valuable experience. Feeling like a mechanical god already? And you can even watch your favorite Netflix series on the side!

There is absolutely nothing worse or more boring than to play Yuumi, because this gameplay is a literal snoozefest. 

2. Yuumi Sucks Because She Is Part Of The Toxic Submarine

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Ever heard about the toxic submarine? No, we are not talking about some crazy guy who wants to see the Titanic – oof, too soon? Instead, we are talking about the combination of Yuumi and Twitch

It is brutal. Remember the gluing mechanic of Yuumi? Well, if she glues herself to Twitch and the rat goes into stealth mode with his Q – Ambush, Yuumi simply goes invisible too. Yes, you heard that right – two invisible furries for the price of one

Usually, it is easy enough to get away from Twitch – or to kill him – after he gets out of his camouflage. Forget about that when there is a Yuumi on his back, though. You want to go in? She will shield him. You want to run away? She will slow you with her R – Final Chapter. Fun is not allowed when these two are paired up.

3. Yuumi Sucks Because She Is Impossible To Assassinate

"But RiftFeed team", you ask, "why is Yuumi so bad? She does not even do anything that Soraka or Lulu would not do!

Have you ever seen an untargetable Soraka? And no, that weird guy who recently played Duskblade Soraka in your ARAM is not conclusive evidence for Soraka being untargetable.

Soraka and Lulu need to make active decisions in the game to guarantee everyone's survival. If they position badly, you just take them out instead of their carry and you still have a big advantage in the fight! Who is impossible to assassinate because she is permanently untargetable? That is right, it is Yuumi! 

Considering how hard she makes it to kill her carry, you basically have a harder job at killing two enemies instead of just one. Does this sound like fair design to you?

4. Yuumi Sucks Because You Can Not Shine On Your Own

Yuumi can not even stand on her own feet. Bound to an ally, she can not do anything on her own

Doing a flashy play as an enchanter support is hard enough as is, but Yuumi does not even ask to make a flashy play – pressing buttons while not having to risk your own life to help your carry is the literal definition of gameplay that is boring to watch. There is a reason people hate her in pro play too...

5. Yuumi Sucks Because She Ruined Not Only Cats But Also Dogs For The Entire Community

Cats vs dogs nidalee yuumi
Why, Riot? WHY DID YOU HAVE TO RUIN DOGS TOO? | © Riot Games

When Yuumi was released in 2019, cat owners were quite happy at first. Another cat for League of Legends? This time one that does not morph into a human occasionally? What is not to like? 

Unfortunately, Yuumi turned out to be an absolute disgrace to all cats. Not only is her play pattern so boring it would make a real cat knock it off a table, her entire design just tries to be as annoying as humanly (felinely?) possible! A squeaky voice and cringy voice lines really round out the perfect experience for every player who always wanted to be in dire need of a therapist.

For the longest time, dog owners were glad to be spared from this debacle, with Naafiri's design being pretty cool and Nasus and Warwick being absolute classics. However, Riot then considered how to ruin dogs for us too – and by god, did they ruin dogs for us all when they released the Shiba Yuumi skin in April 2023! This April Fools joke definitely went too far!

These are our top five reasons to delete Yuumi. There are countless reasons more, but telling them all would probably make the entire internet run out of disk space. Riot, please delete her already!


The worst arguments ever... As if there ever was actually any balance in lol.


Hahahaha, what a pitiful load of crap. Probably the worst, most out of the ass arguments I've seen in years. At least half of champions in Lol are either broken or horribly useless but yea cry about a cat.