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feels like an extra spell, doesn't it!?

LoL Item Guide: Prowler's Claw

Item Guides 10-08-2021 15:00
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Would you like a little extra burst?

The League of Legends Item Guide series continues today with Prowler's Claw. You look in the item shop and almost have an epileptic fit? All the bonuses, Legendaries, Mythics, you can't keep track anymore? You just want to go back to the old days when Lee Sin could still buy Sightstone? It's alright, we have prepared something: We take a closer look at Prowler's Claw. What can the assassin mythic item do, on whom does it make the most sense and why is the claw so strong? Answers to these questions can be found in our item guide.

Of course, you don't have to be an assassin main to enjoy our item guides. There is also intel for the mid lane, jungle and top lane to read through and get started:

Just like the Duskblade of Draktharr, Prowler's Claw is a relatively monotonous item. You are not particularly flexible and cannot adapt well on your building path. But assassins only know one direction, right? Just get some Longswords, put them together for Dirk and Warhammer and et voila. Eventually you will finish Prowler's Claw, rather sooner than later.

Prowler's Claw Stats:

  • Cost: 3200 Gold (same as Duskblade)
  • + 60 Attack Damage (same as... Duskblade)
  • + 20 Ability Haste (this is also the same as Duskblade?!)
  • + 21 Lethality (AHA!! Duskblade only has 18)
  • Gold efficiency without Passive: 85,7 % (also less)

As you can see, the stats don't differ from Duskblade except that 3 lethality. So what exactly is the difference. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two items and when should you build which one?

LoL Item Guide: Prowler's Claw

Every legendary item you build will grant you a bonus lethality, which is the main stat besides AD for any assassin. Remember, Duskblade gives 5 bonus ability haste. So that's actually a difference.

Prowler Claw's active lets you dash through your enemy, dealing 65 + (25% extra AD) damage and increases the targets damage received by 15% for 3 seconds. Basically we're talking about an extra gap closing ability which also gives alot of extra burst potential. that is huge vor assassin players.

The good thing about the monotonous build paths is that you can choose the other mythic item just before the end - either Duskblade or Prowler's Claw. Your choice should depend on the course of the game and the enemy champions. For example, if you are playing against mobile champions like Ezreal, who are also well protected, then Prowlers Claw can make the difference. With this you can take out your priority target without too much trouble. If you play against many squishies, the reset of Duskblade is worth its weight in gold for many quick kills. Choose wisely.

Champions who synergize with Prowler's Claw

As we mentioned earlier, Prowler's Claw is an item for AD assassins. The active works best when you combine it with one or two other spells to burst your opponent, which is why champions like Pyke, Qiyana, or Talon work incredibly well with it.

Keep in mind to play smartly. Don't overestimate yourselves and pay attention to the mini map. Overagression can quickly backfire and cost your team the objective faster than it can be earned.

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