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These are the best champs to 1v9 with!

League of Legends: Champs to Solo Carry with

Champions 23-08-2022 17:09
Spirit Blossom Yone HD
Yone is a great champion to solo carry in League of Legends. | © Riot Games

To climb from low Elo in League of Legends, you need two things: stamina and a certain tilt resistance! You can also make it a little easier by simply playing champs who can can solo carry games and decide the game on their own. In today's tier list, we show you which champs you can finally leave Bronze Elo with.

We all started in Low Elo once. I still remember how tedious the games were, because either the opponents were over aggressively attacked or my mates simply left the game after losing a lane. The right mindset is so damn important to be successful in League of Legends. But! Terms like scaling, team fights or split push were completely unknown there, too. You lose games that were actually already won because the jungler prefers to farm the Krugs instead of the baron after winning the teamfight... you all know how frustrating these games are. 

But that is what we are here for. With the following five champions you don't need to rely on flaky teammates, because you are going to win the game. All. By. Yourself. So, who are the best solo carry champions in League of Legends? 

League of Legends: Champions To Solo Carry in Low Elo

5. Fiora

Fiora is one champion that can completely destroy any other team all on her own. She's one of those champions that will get pentakills with ease. Hell, we all remember the Worlds 2020 Finals pentakill, right? 

Heartpiercer Fiora HD
She can step on me. | © Riot Games

But it's not just the pro players that can solo carry with her. Her Riposte is one of the most broken abilities in the game, making her one of the best champions in all of League of Legends. Her ultimate heals her and she's got massive amounts of mobility. Seriously, it's everything you need in a champion to solo carry your games. 

4. Twitch

Twitch, the plague rat, is one of the most annoying ADCs in the whole game! Or rather... assassins? If you win the lane with Twitch, chances are you can also decide the whole game. The most popular combo for a flawless 1v9 performance is Twitch-Yuumi, because the cat can become invisible together with Twitch. Set up vision and hunt down your enemies in mid- and late game. that way you will get more fed and can play around objectives easily. But do not get caught!

Twitch league
Don't mess with Twitch. | © Riot Games

In the late game, you can then flank the enemies invisibly, trap them and one shot... everything is possible with Twitch! With Yuumi you also have an invisible heal bot that keeps you alive and speeds you up.

3. Yone

Yone is probably one of the best champions to solo carry with. His kit is filled to the brim with abilities that will let you deal damage, as well as stay alive in the fray of the fight. He's got an overloaded kit like no other, but that makes him such a strong pick if you want to solo carry a game. 

Dawnbringer Yone
Yone is so strong and a much better pick than Yasuo. | © Riot Games

Yone is also extremely flashy so while you're carrying games you'll look incredible and like a mechanical god. Yone is the champion with the most survivability in the game and his high DPS makes him a threat even when he goes down 0/5 in the early stages of the game. 

2. Master Yi

Master Yi is the typical "I stay in the Jungle for 20 minutes, get 2 items and kill you all" champ. Because Master Yi normally never leaves the Jungle before LvL 6. It's all about staying safe and grinding objectives until the power spike hits. With Master Yi, we've got quite a scary jungler on our hands, eh?

Snowman Master yi
Solo carry with this jungler! | © Riot Games

If he still gets 1-2 kills early it will be twice as hard to defend against the Wuju swordsman. In higher Elo, the opponents simply respond to this pick with a ton of CC, making the champ hardly playable. But in low Elo, you can simply dodge the few CC spells directed at you with Q- Alpha Strike. Focus is merely existing in bronze anyway. Play Master Yi with Yuumi in duo queue and no team will stop you!

1. Kassadin

Even in high elo Kassading has a super high ban rate. So if the pros don't know how to play against him, how should low elo players? Everyone knows about the LvL 16 power spike of Kassadin! From that point on Kassadin starts to jump from player to player, farming kills and laughing his a** off, because his damage is just that ridiculous.

Kassadin 6
The highest win rate from level 16 on. | © Riot Games

This champion is a monster in the late game and thanks to the introduction of Crown of the Shattered Queen in Season 12 he's even got a better early game, which means he is going to scale just that much better. So, if you're looking for a champion to take over games this split, then Kassadin is your guy. 

Do you agree with these solo carry champions? Which champion do you play to carry your teammates on your back?