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Will we soon all be in Diamond?

Elo Boosting in League of Legends

News 06-08-2021 17:00

Yone Elo Boosting
Is this to climb in honour? Ask Yone! | © Riot Games

Unlike other games, League of Legends almost never has to deal with cheaters. But another problem is worse than ever! Elo Boosting is getting bigger and bigger in the MOBA from Riot Games. We show you what Elo Boosting is and why it is illegal.

Climbing in League of Legends can be really nerve-wracking and time-consuming sometimes, we all know that. But does that justify boosting your account, to play faster in higher leagues?

What exactly is Elo Boosting?

The reason why Elo boosting is so in hype is that players who are simply not good enough for a higher Elo can get a higher rank simply by using this service and without any effort of their own.

There are 2 methods that have been adopted by most Elo Boosting providers. In the first method, the player who wants to be boosted gives his account to a better player. You can even choose the champion with which the account should be boosted. The higher ranked player will win 70-80% of the games, because he will play against much worse opponents. This increases not only the Elo of the account, but also the MMR, so the boosted player gets much more LP per win.

The second method, on the other hand, is legal, but works less effectively and takes a lot longer. In this case, the better player enters the DuoQ together with the customer and plays the games with his own account. This way, more games are lost and the MMR does not increase as fast.

What does Elo Boosting cost?

Elo Boosting
You can find lots of offers like this on Google. | © ggboost.com

This depends mainly on whether you order Elo Boosting from a private provider or from an Elo Boosting website. We did a little research and most Elo boosting websites are charging about 650 Euros for boosting from Silver 1 to Diamand 1. Considering that you probably won't hold the rank for long anyway, this is a waste of money. Rather go on vacation with your girlfriend than have a screenshot of you being Diamand for 1 week to flex at your friends. Most people use Elo boosting just before the end of the season to reach gold and get the free skin.

Is Elo Boosting Illegal?

Riot Games itself sees Elo boosting as highly objectionable, but allows it as part of DuoQ's. The percentage of players who use Elo Boosting in DuoQ is very low compared to the entire playerbase, which is why Riot Games does not take any decisive action against it.

Riot's terms of use do not contain any dialogue explicitly against Elo boosting. What is banable for them, however, is account sharing. Since the first method of Elo Boosting does just that, it is more technically illegal! Account sharing is incredible hard to track and enforce and Riot doesn’t have the resources to prevent it. Maybe they don't care, but it destroys the SoloQ experience for many honest players, which makes it just uncool.

Don't fall for these rip-off websites, play honest even if it takes longer and good luck in ranked!

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