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These skins are cute though...

Riot Reveal New LoL Cats Vs. Dogs Skins: Cost, Champions, Release

Skins 21-03-2023 17:15
Cats vs dogs kled and kindred
League of Legends: These skins are wild! | © Riot Games

It's time for us to check out the newest skins in League of Legends. Riot will be celebrating April Fool's a bit late this year, but we are getting some silly new skins on Summoner's Rift for champions you might not have seen coming. 

Are you sick and tired of Faeries and battle nuns? Well then, these are the skins for you, because Cats vs. Dogs has made a comeback this year and Riot is going to spice things up on Summoner's Rift thanks to these silly skins.

LoL Cats vs. Dogs Skins: Champions and Cost

Four champions will be getting Cats vs. Dogs skins in 2023. In the LoL Season 13 start, we were told that Kled would finally be receiving a skin in 2023 and voilà it has arrived on the rift and is as weird as the champion himself. But weird in a good way. 

So, who else is getting a skin, and how much will you have to spend if you want to own all of them

Champion Skin

Skin Tier

Cats vs. Dogs KindredEpic1350 RP
Cats vs. Dogs KledEpic1350 RP
Cats vs. Dogs YuumiEpic1350 RP
Cats vs. Dogs NidaleeEpic1350 RP

The highlight of these skins is definitely Kindred, who despite their dark and gloomy lore in canon, looks cute and adorable with this skin. Honestly, it's the best of the bunch and even if you only play Kindred a few times, it's a skin worth getting. 

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Will There Be A Cats Vs. Dogs LoL Client Event?

There will not be a skin event for these skins. With Broken Covenant receiving a skin showcase, followed up by Faerie Court and their one-month in-client event, Cats vs. Dogs will not be getting a big League of Legends event this time around. 

Release Date for Upcoming Cats vs. Dogs Skins in LoL

These skins will be released in LoL Patch 13.7. Skins usually release a day after the patch drops, so they will be available for purchase in the League client on April 6, 2023. Unfortunately they will miss April Fool's Day by almost an entire week. 

These are some silly skins and look really fun. Yuumi getting another skin after we're sick and tired of her is a bit of a let-down, but it's a cute skin and many fans are happy that she got this skin instead of their main. 

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