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LoL Movie: Is League Coming To Cinemas?

News 21-10-2023 18:10

The League of Legends world is stacked with great stories from all the various characters we find in the game. It looks like we might get a closer look at one of the beautiful stories in Runeterra, as Riot Games might release a League of Legends movie.

Ruination Skins Thumb
A League of Legends movie about Ruination would be awesome. | © Riot Games

The Official Netflix series Arcane was a huge success, and we are stoked about the following season. Fans have been asking for a League of Legends Cinematic for years, and even though we got a sneak peek at what they can do with Arcane, we would love to see Riot Games work on a whole cinematic universe. 

The world of Runeterra is vast, and since the beginning, we have been treated with lore for every champion and place in the League of Legends universe. Still to this day, Riot Games does not stop creating new stories, and already with the latest champion, K'Sante, we got some insight into a whole new region, Nazumah. So it is not an exaggeration to say they have the content to create a movie if they want to. And we have some information pointing towards this being the case.  

League of Legends Movie: Everything We Know So Far

Lo R Bilgewater
A League of Legends movie would be great to get more insight into the various places, like Bilgewater. | © Riot Games

Right now, there is not much information out there about whether there will be an official LoL movie or not. However, we got enough to speculate. At the current point in time, Riot Games seems to be recruiting not just Game Designers and Voice Actors but also a Global Head of Live Action Film and Global Head of Live-Action TV

This strongly points toward Riot Games not only working on more releases in a series format like Arcane but also movies. We, therefore, would not be surprised if we see Riot Games announcing an official League of Legends movie somewhere in the future. 

Luckily for us, it now looks like Riot Games has successfully recruited people for these positions since we can no longer find them on Riot Game's recruiting roster.  I, for one, want to know more about Ruination after reading the League of Legends Novel

Which stories would you like to see hit the big screens? 

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