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League of Legends Faerie Queen Karma Skin Reaches New Landmark

Skins 25-03-2023 20:00
Faerie Queen Karma
LoL: Just look at her! | © Riot Games

One thing every League of Legends fan knows is that Riot enjoys making skins. Now, with the newest skin line that just dropped, the skins are a little more impressive, reaching a landmark that only Fortnite can rival.

With each and every League of Legends Patch, new skins get added to the game and while some patches have a lot of skins, some have fewer, but there always seems to be some form of cosmetic item made available for fans. So, what mark has the newest legendary Faerie Queen Karma reached?

LoL: Faerie Queen Karma Reaches New Landmark

Champions like Ezreal, Lux and Miss Fortune combined have almost 50 skins alone, which is pretty impressive, but with the release of Faerie Queen Karma in League of Legends Patch 13.6, Riot has reached new levels in terms of amount of skins.

Faerie Queen Karma, according to the official LoL Devs Twitter was skin number 1,500 in League of Legends. Alongside Karma, six other champions received skins, with Katarina also getting a prestige version which is available to get with tokens when buying the Faerie Court Battle Pass for the event.

Skins are extremely popular with League of Legends players and it’s where Riot makes most of their money for League of Legends, which means the company will continue to make more skins, so we expect the 2,000 mark to be cracked soon as well.

Champions like Ornn, Dr. Mundo and Illaoi still struggle with getting skins, while Karma, who is the champion receiving League’s 1,500th skin, now has 13 skins in her inventory. Granted she was released more than 10-years ago, but it’s still impressive how popular some champions are in terms of skins.

We doubt that Riot will stop making skins, but we do wish some of our unpopular monster champions like Rek’Sai could be getting some love from the skins department as well soon. If you want to get some help with buying the Faerie Queen Karma skin, don’t miss out on your Prime Gaming rewards this month!

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