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The witch cycle is back.

LoL: New Coven Skins – Everything You Need To Know

Skins 27-09-2023 12:10

The Coven skins are back! Riot have been cooking again, and the result is once again absolutely immaculate. Do you have what it takes to deal with some witchcraft? Dive into the new Coven skins if you dare!

Prestige Coven Akali
LoL Coven 2023 Skins: Witchcraft has never looked this good. | © Riot Games

We're moving to South America, and this time for real! Our next stop is Brazil, where Mordekaiser has invited us on an adventure within his witch cycle – and the Covens have a few new members. 

Some of these champions are fan favorites and are getting a lot of skins, but others have been less fortunate. No matter which end you are on – the wait for a pretty, new outfit is finally over!

LoL Coven Skins: Champions And Costs

Just like last patch, the Coven skin line features six champions in its line-up, with Akali receiving a Prestige skin. As usual, the witch cycle consists of female champions only while the Old God is a mythic, non-humane creature. Some stereotypes will never die down, eh?

Skin NameChampionSkin Tier


CovenEliseEpic1350 RP
CovenSyndraEpic1350 RP
CovenNilahEpic1350 RP


Legendary            1820 RP
CovenAkaliEpic1350 RP
Prestige CovenAkali


2000 Worlds Tokens
Old GodMordekaiserEpic1350 RP

With Elise already starring in multiple other dark skin concepts, it was only fitting to give her another one in the Coven universe! Syndra also fits this part pretty well, although she has been branching out into some brighter directions too.

The same can be said for Akali. As the leader of the newest Star Guardian troop, she has seen all the light and darkness that you can imagine! Her second Prestige skin also does her unique and amazing design justice. We are glad to welcome her to the Rift!

It is also interesting to see a different tone for Nami for the first time. She was turned from a cheerful mermaid to a spiteful octopus – we're definitely excited to see how this concept is executed in-game!

Release Date For Upcoming Coven Skins In LoL

These skins will be released with LoL Patch 13.20. This patch is planned for release on October 11, and the Coven skins will be available in the shop within the next few days after that.

After a successful debut in 2019, the witch circle has made multiple returns. Will you jump in on one of the most hyped skin lines in recent years? Take the dark magic to the Rift and let the Coven skins shine!

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