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Save some RP for these skins!

League of Legends: Skins On Sale This Week

News 14-11-2023 16:44

What is better than buying a nice League of Legends skin for your favorite champion? Buying a nice skin for your favorite champion while it is on sale! These are all the skins on sale in League of Legends right now!

Caitlyn pulsefire
League of Legends: These skins are on sale right now. Don't waste your precious RP for anything else! | © Riot Games

We get it. The default outfits for many champions are just boring. Fortunately, League of Legends features many amazing skins! And the best thing is: many of them are on sale every now and then

Usually, an epic skin is at a price of USD$11 while a legendary skin is at roughly USD$16. While this is not the world, it is still worth to grab them for a better price during a sale. 

This week, there are 15 skins on sale. Don't worry if you are searching for a different skin, though – your desired skin may be on sale soon, so make sure to check back into this article to always be up to date with special skin sales in League of Legends!

LoL Skins On Sale: These Skins Are Available On Sale This Week

1. Snow Moon Ahri - 975 RP

Snow moon ahri
This one makes her look far more realistic | © Riot Games

Compared to her default skin, Snow Moon Ahri portrays her as the ancient, powerful patron of the Snow Moon order, who takes the memories of its agents for their own protection.

It also gives Ahri a more realistic look, which you can use in your own games by taking advantage of this week skin sale for 975 RP!

2. Spirit Blossom Syndra – 877 RP

Syndra Spirit Blossom Splash
Here to bewitch Sett | © Riot Games

Subverting the original champion design is what Riot often do with their skins. For Spirit Blossom Syndra, it means moving her away from her all-black, terrifying mage vibe, to the colorful spirit we can see here.

And with this week's sale, you can see her in all of your games as well for just 877 RP!

3. Cafe Cuties Gwen  – 742 RP

Cutie Cafe Gwen Splash
Alice in Wonderland? | © Riot Games

We all expected Chucky when Riot announced a living doll coming to the Rift. After all, that's what Shaco is.

Instead, we got the wholesome Gwen. And while Riot's tendency to put female champions in skin lines that are about cuteness or fanservice is annoying, Cafe Cuties Gwen does work when Gwen's lore is taken into account. And this week, it's only 742 RP!

4. Crime City Nightmare Shaco – 877 RP

Crime city nigthmare shaco
He would fit in well in Gotham | © Riot Games

The Crime City Nightmare Shaco skin is what we all think Shaco is when we see him in-game. An insane, powerful, eldritch being.

And, compared to the previous skin with the same price, this one is much better to spend your 877 RP on in this week's sale!

5. Pengu Cosplay Tristana - 675 RP

Pengu Cosplay Tristana
Just, no | © Riot Games

The only Pengu that are good in League of Legends, are the emotes you can use.

The Pengu Cosplay Tristana skin just feels lazy, and it's definitely not worth spending 675 RP during the skin sale, much less the full amount it costs.

6. K/DA Akali – 675 RP

Kda akali skin
It does make sense that she's the rapper of the group | © Riot Games

There are two bands connected to League of Legends, and K/DA is not the better of the two.

Still, K/DA Akali is a steal for only 675 RP this week, and is, admittedly, one of her better skins.

7. Odyssey Sona - 540 RP

Sona odyssey
This one feels like she would fit in the Dune universe | © Riot Games

It's a shame that Riot discontinued the Odyssey skin line, which was the best space opera skin line in League of Legends, hands down!

The skins that exist are proof of this, and for just 540 RP, you can get the awesome Odyssey Sona skin this week!


8. Dark Star Jarvan IV – 540 RP

Dark Star Jarvan Skin
The feeling of cosmic terror is real here | © Riot Games

The Dark Star skin line is definitely one of the best skin lines in League of Legends, as far as the concept goes, and the execution, such as in Dark Star Jarvan IV that's on sale for 540 RP, gives a great feeling of cosmic insignificance when looking at the splash art.

But with so many champions taking part in the skin line, the awe has become diluted and dull. There's only so much you can do in shades of purple after all.

9. Chemtech Tryndamere – 633 RP

Chemtech tryndamere
Looks like Urgot's minion, but in a good way | © Riot Games

The Chemtech Tryndamere skin makes him look like Urgot's lieutenant at best.

But it's so well executed, that it's in a good way. So, for 633 RP, it's a skin worth picking up this week.

10. Super Kennen – 337 RP

Toy Renekton Moo Cow Alistar Pug Maw Super Kennen
Run from Andy | © Riot Games

The least popular of the toy skin line, Super Kennen is, nonetheless, one of the most interesting skin concepts in LoL.

After all, we've all grown up watching the Toy Story cartoons, and 337 RP is a small price for nostalgia-inducing skin.

11. El Rayo Volibear – 412 RP

Wrestling Skin Lo L Gnar Mundo Volibear
Gnar about to lay down the law | © Riot Games

While the El Rayo Volibear is a skin more suited to the old Volibear, not the monstrosity we have today, it does still bring some levity to the champion.

Besides, there is something so satisfying ulting as Volibear with this skin, and for 412 RP, it's not that expensive.

12. Blood Moon Yasuo – 731 RP

Blood Moon Yasuo Skin
Which one ints more, High Noon or Blood Moon? | © Riot Games

Let's face it, Yasuo is a hated championand has become the icon of edginess in LoL, despite Riot's best efforts.

And the Blood Moon Yasuo skin is the edgiest of them all. So, even though its priced at 731 RP, stay clear of it. And the champion in general, while you're at it. Show your team mates some compassion, at least.

13. Soulstealer Vladimir – 742 RP

Splash art soulstealer vladimir
Blood, souls, it all comes down to the same thing | © Riot Games

There is something so appropriate when evil characters have this shade of green as their primary colour.

Soulstealer Vladimir, on sale for 742 RP, purely due to that, is worth its price, even though the design itself is that of a cookie-cutter fantasy necromancer.

14. Arcade Hecarim – 540 RP

This skin could use some flashing lights warning | © Riot Games

Arcade Hecarim, at times, seems like the most often used Hecarim skin in the game.

And if it's good enough for the Hecarim SoloQ abusers in the jungle, it's good enough for us. Especially when it costs only 540 RP.

15. Pentakill Mordekaiser – 633 RP

Mordekaiser pentakill
This is the OG LoL band | © Riot Games

Though he's got nothing on Yorick, Pentakill Mordekaiser is still a member of the superior LoL band, and is worth every Riot Point he costs. Especially when on sale for 633 RP!

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