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Save some RP on these skins!

League of Legends: Skins On Sale This Week

News 16-04-2024 16:53

What's better than buying a nice League of Legends skin for your favorite champion? Buying a nice skin for your favorite champion while it is on sale! These are all the skins on sale in League of Legends right now!

Soul Fighter Samira Splash
League of Legends: These skins are on sale right now. Don't waste your precious RP on anything else! | © Riot Games

We get it. The default outfits for many champions are just boring. Fortunately, League of Legends features many amazing skins! And the best thing is: many of them are on sale every now and then

Usually, an epic skin is $11 while a legendary skin is roughly $16. While this is not an amazing price, it might still be worth grabbing them for a better price during a sale. 

This week, there are 15 skins on sale. Don't worry if you are searching for a different skin, though – your desired skin may be on sale soon, so make sure to check back on this article to always be up-to-date with special skin sales in League of Legends!

LoL Skins On Sale: These Skins Are Available On Sale This Week

1. HEARTSTEEL Kayn - 1350 RP

Heartsteel kayn
The best Heartsteel skin. | © Riot Games

Grab this skin now because it will never go on sale again! It's really nice, and the animations are insane. Plus all Heartsteel skins have amazing sound effects.

2. Old God Mordekaiser - 975 RP

Old God Mordekaiser
WTF its Sauron. | © Riot Games

Possibly the best Death Realm in the game only rivaled by his PROJECT and Ashen Knight skin. The Splash Art is already iconic, and the in-game feel is great as well. The Q sound doesn't have as much "UMPFGH” as a few others, but it is still a great pickup.

3. King Beegar - 975 RP

King beegar
Bee Skins are overdone. | © Riot Games

Bee Skins are definitely overdone by now, and you can tell they are reaching with Beegar. BUT it is a delightful skin with a new color palette for the most evil little yordle out there.

4. Star Guardian Seraphine - 944 RP

Star Guardian Seraphine WR exclusive
This skin was a Wild Rift import. | © Riot Games

Riot listened to the Community with this one and brought a fan favorite over from Wild Rift. For a good reason because this skin is absolutely amazing and absolutely worth the money.

5. High Noon Twitch - 810 RP

High Noon Twitch
High Noon is my favourite skin line. | © Riot Games

I love the aesthetic of the skull head and his rifle is actually bigger than the champion. High Noon skins just have the perfect vibe and I just recently got this skin for myself.

6. PROJECT: Irelia - 810 RP

Project Irelia skin
The Prestige Skin is a bit better sadly. | © Riot Games

Irelia is one of the champions with the best skins in the entire game, and this one certainly doesn't miss either. I'm a bigger fan of the prestige variant myself, but both are very cool. Irelia really deserved the sci-fi sound effects.

7. Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Kayle - 742 RP

Pentakill Yorick Olaf Kayle
The Lvl 16 Form is insane. | © Riot Games

If you are buying a Kayle skin you are basically buying 4 of them with every level of ascension. With this skin you will be gladly farming for level 16 because it is absolutely gorgeous. The effects are amazing and the Pentakill sound effects are just so cool.


8. Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Olaf - 742 RP

Pentakill Yorick Olaf Kayle
How long do I have to train for those abs? | © Riot Games

Fantastic skin. The hair is sitting fresh. The Armor is cool, and the axes are somehow sharper than those muscles. Highly recommend if you are a fan of Metal or Olaf. Preferably both.

9. Dragonslayer Xin Zhao - 675 RP

Dragonslayer Xin Zhao
I used to run this skin exclusively. | © Riot Games

This skin with chromas is a 10/10. The animations are sick, and the armor is just amazing. It definitely still holds up with newer releases, so feel free to pick this up.

10. Dark Star Karma - 607 RP

Dark Star Karma splash HD
I love the VFX on this one. | © Riot Games

My favourite Karma skin of all time. Tranquil cosmic beings just have a soft spot in my heart and the sound effects just add onto the amazing gameplay feel.

11. Corgi Corki - 607 RP

Corgi corki
The butt wiggle is crazy. | © Riot Games

You like dogs? Buy it. What? You don't even play Corki? Buy it anyways.

12. Definitely Not Udyr - 390 RP

Definitely Not Udyr
This skin is not a joke. | © Riot Games

Who could this be? Since the Udyr rework, this skin is seriously slept on. Might even be his 2nd best skin!

13. Safecracker Evelynn - 300 RP

Safe Cracker Evelynn
Evelynn and Twitch are so stealthy. | © Riot Games

It's unfortunately not a good skin and I cannot recommend it even for the looks.

14. Prehistoric Cho'Gath - 300 RP

Prehistoric chogath
I really like this model. | © Riot Games

If you like base Cho'Gath and have a soft spot for dinosaurs, then it's worth a buy. Otherwise, save your RP.

15. Crimson Elite Riven - 260 RP

Crimson Elite Riven
Absolute Classic OG Riven skin. | © Riot Games

If you are thinking about this skin, then chances are you are a Riven main. If you have been a Riven main for long enough, then you probably already have this skin. If you don't, well it's really up to you. It's a timeless classic just like Redeemed Riven and for 260 RP it's basically stealing from Riot.

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