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It's time for Riot's new virtual band

LoL: New HEARTSTEEL Skins – Everything You Need To Know

Skins 24-10-2023 13:45

Riot Games is mixing K-Pop with gaming again, introducing the new sensation, HEARTSTEEL. Let's see what this fresh boy band adds to the League of Legends scene.

Heartsteel 1
HEARTSTEEL is here to steal your heart|©Riot Games

After Riot Games achieved significant success with K/DA, the male equivalent to the group is now being introduced as HEARTSTEEL. The group consists of the following artists: ØZI, Baekhyun, Cal Scruby, and Tobi Lou. The other two champs are the producers or songwriters for the group.

In conjunction with this, there are also in-game skins available. These are designed in the style of a K-Pop boy band.

LoL HEARTSTEEL Skins: Champions And Costs

Heartsteel Ezreal
Ezreal wants to spend some time in the rift with you|©Riot Games

In typical K-Pop fashion, you can wonder about your bias and who's worth spending money on for the skin. My personal bias is Ezreal, but then again, I'm also an ADC player.

Skin NameChampionSkin Tier


HEARTSTEELApheliosEpic1350 RP


Epic1350 RP
HEARTSTEELKaynLegendary1820 RP
HEARTSTEELYonePrestige2000 Tokens

The shining star of HEARTSTEEL, Ezreal embodies the quintessential K-Pop idol vibe. With a glossy outfit and meticulously styled hair, he brings a charisma that's hard to resist.

Transitioning from a My Chemical Romance-inspired emo appearance to the vibrant world of K-Pop, Aphelios has undergone a notable transformation.

Representing the strong and confident side of K-Pop, Sett moves with a power that commands attention.

Though not much is known about K'Sante, he likely stands as the creative spirit behind the band. In the world of K-Pop, those working behind the scenes often shine as brightly as those in the spotlight.

Kayn's dual nature might symbolize the two sides of K-Pop: the relentless drive and dedication, paired with the raw emotion and vulnerability often expressed in their lyrics.

Rocking an exclusive prestige skin, Yone seems like the seasoned star of the ensemble. He might be viewed as the older, wiser brother guiding the younger talents with his vast experience. Just like he is to Yasuo. 

Release Date For Upcoming HEARTSTEEL Skins In LoL

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Although the music video has been released, these skins will accompany LoL's Patch 13.22. The patch is scheduled for November 8, with the HEARTSTEEL skins hitting the store shortly thereafter.

Whether or not the band can match the success of K/DA remains to be seen. However, their debut song has certainly made an impression, and we can likely look forward to a HEARTSTEEL performance at this year's Worlds Finals.

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