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Tim Ladegast

Tim Ladegast

Tim is working on his Bachelor's degree in Media Studies at the University of Bayreuth. His passion for video games led him to intern at EarlyGame, where he presents the latest patch notes, champion guides and off-meta strategies for League of Legends and RiftFeed.

Tim has been actively playing in both Uniliga and Primeleague for six years, including playing in the first division with his team in Uniliga. When he's not managing his League team, he's playing his way to Master in Legends of Runeterra with off-meta decks or trying out new TFT comps.

Away from gaming, he can often be found at the gym, watching anime, or hosting concerts and parties.

So if you want to find the latest, so-far unknown strategies in LoL, TFT or LoR, Tim is your guy.

Peak Ranks:

  • LoL: FlexQ Grandmaster
  • TFT: High Diamond
  • LoR: Master

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