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LoL: T1 World Championship Skins – Everything You Need To Know

Skins 09-07-2024 16:15

T1, the LoL World Champions, are going to be getting their very own skins soon. These skins should release after the current Anima Squad Event. 

Jayce Arcane splash HD
LoL T1 Skins: Jayce is getting a prestige skin. | © Riot Games

T1, the League of Legends World Champions, are going to be getting their very own skins very soon. These skins are to commemorate their win during the 2023 World Championship. Not only that but Choi "Zeus" Woo-je, the team's top laner will also be getting a prestige skin for his chosen champion, since he was the 2023 World Finals MVP

So, when can we expect the skins and which champions have the T1 players chosen? Let’s check out everything we know about the upcoming World Championship skins. 

LoL: T1 Worlds 2023 Skins: All Champions & Cost

There are going to be five champions getting skins, as well as one prestige skin, meaning there will be a grand total of 6 skins that League of Legends fans can look forward to. But which champions were chosen by the winners of the 2023 World Championship? 

Skin NameChampionCostTier
T1Lee Sin1350 RPEpic
T1Orianna1350 RPEpic
T1Jinx1350 RPEpic
T1Bard1350 RPEpic
T1Jayce1350 RPEpic
T1 PrestigeJayce125 MEMythic

T1's support player, Keria, originally chose Renata Glasc as his champion, but he later revealed that in the last moment he changes his mind and called Riot, asking to make a Bard skin instead, which was his most iconic champion of the tournament. 

Orianna Bee Skin
Faker is getting an Orianna skin. | © Riot Games

Faker also wanted to make an Ahri skin, but with him getting inducted into the Hall of Legends and receiving two Ahri skins, it makes sense why he decided to switch things up and go with Orianna, which was one of his most played champion at Worlds 2023. 

Release Date For T1 World Championship Skins

The T1 skins are going to be releasing in LoL Patch 14.16. The Anima Squad Event is going to be between LoL Patch 14.14 and 14.15, with the upcoming T1 skins getting their release right after. This means they should be on live servers August 14, 2024. 

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