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League of Legends: Riot Wants To Bring Back Iconic Login Screens

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League of Legends used to have iconic and interesting login screens. Riot wants to bring them back it seems. 

Login Screen Jhin
League of Legends: Will Riot bring back the iconic login screens? | © Riot Games

League of Legends is almost 15-years-old by this point and throughout the years there have been quite a lot of changes to the client, as well, and some weren't received as well as others. One of them was the addition of unique login screens. 

Players have been asking for Riot to bring these old unique login screens, with music and all, back to the game, and it seems that there are some people at Riot who are looking into this and wanting to bring this iconic feature back. 

League of Legends: Could Login Screens Return? 

The Kindred login screen was so iconic. | © Riot Games

Login screens were something truly iconic in League of Legends. When new champions were added to the game, players could already get a feel for them just by logging in and chilling on the login screen. There were uniquely animated with the champions theme playing in the background, creating a great atmosphere and hype for the champions themselves. 

Recently, a player on Reddit asked about the old login screens and stating that it "feels absolutely criminal that the login screens were completely abandoned." This prompted Riot Games co-founder Marc "Tryndamere" Merrill to answer and explain that the team is currently working on something to bring these experiences back to the Riot client. 

Yah, working on getting something back that can accomplish the feels / experience these brought. Lots and lots of stuff to fix.

It seems that right now it isn't possible, but the team seems to be aware that these experiences were unique and something great for players. Right now the client seems to be too bugged to bring these back, though, so Riot is going to have some work to do before they can bring the old login screens back. 

From all the old login screens and music, which was your favorite? To this day, I always have to remember Kindred's login and how spooky the music was. Truly a great introduction to the champion and character. 

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