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LoL: The Best Aatrox Skins

Skins 22-01-2024 16:10

Aatrox is a champion known for his badass design. A huge darkin demon with a giant sword? What's not to love? It's also fairly easy to design skins for such a simple but cool concept, and Aatrox has quite a few excellent ones. Here are my personal top 5 Aatrox skins.

Aatrox 0
Aatrox the World Ender. | © Riot Games

Aatrox has a pretty simple design. He is a huge horned darkin demon with a large sword. Should be pretty easy to make some insane skins for a character like this right? Well and Riot has done exactly that. Multiple times.

LoL: Best Aatrox Skins

5. Bloodmoon Aatrox

Aatrox blood moon skin
Who would have thought that a Bloodmoon skin would work well on a Demon. Oh right, everyone. | © Riot Games

Giving Aatrox an Oni/Samurai style just works amazing with his whole team. The color pallete works, and he looks demonic but so insanely cool. He shares this skin line with a bunch of other champions and in general it needs to come back. The theme is incredible, and I'd love to see it on more champions. The mask on his shoulder is a reference to the classic Japanese Noh theater. Noh is a classical Japanese dance-drama that has been performed since the 14th century. 

4. DRX Aatrox

DRX World Championship skins
DRX has chosen these as their worlds skins. | © Riot Games

DRX Aatrox was released with the Worlds 2022 skin collection. It features all the skins that the worlds finalist have chosen to be their team skins. Aatrox was selected by the top laner Kingen. Most of the time, the worlds skins don't look that great, but DRX Aatrox really works. It's a big switch in color palette, turning him from red to blue, and he also has an amazing chroma that turns his sword yellow. The skin looks clean, and the animations are excellent as well.

3. Lunar Eclipse Aatrox

Aatrox and Kayle Eclipse Splash
Fantastic Splash Art. | © Riot Games

A masterclass in not only skin- but also sound design. They made Aatrox into a space warrior and gave him huge black and blue animations with a galactic theme. The best thing about the skin is his voice-over. His already astounding voice lines sound big and majestic, like he is screaming them through the entire abyss of space.

2. Mecha Aatrox

Mecha aatrox
Aatrox doesnt have bad skins. Just worse than his best. | © Riot Games

Sure, it might be the nostalgia speaking out of me here. Mecha Aatrox is a very old skin, but it really held up. It looks like a robot straight out of Pacific Rim, and the visual design is just incredible. Just look at his Mecha Sword. What I absolutely love about the sword is the color change it has after the E-Dash. Back on the old Aatrox you would get a bit of extra damage after you dashed. This would be indicated by switching his sword color. Even though the damage buff didn't stick, the color change did and is now a relic of the past.

1. Bloodmoon Aatrox Prestige Edition

Bloodmoon Aatrox Prestige
The best of the best. | © Riot Games

It is kind of cheating to put a skin here that was already in the tier list since it looks exactly the same, but if you have never played this skin you wouldn't understand. The golden armor on him looks unbelievable. His wings are as majestic as never before, and the extra shiny particles on his animations are just the cherry on top. You will feel like a god when playing this skin, and I guarantee it boosts your damage by at least 10%. 

What is your opinion on Aatrox skins? Do you like Fishtrox and his Odyssey skin?

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