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LoL: Why You Should Main Gragas

Champions 21-01-2024 16:00

Listen here, Younglings. I'm a certified forkli- I mean Gragas Main. And I'm here to tell you why you should also pick up this handsome fella.

Hillbilly Gragas
Look at this divine beauty. | © Riot Games

I've been playing League of Legends for over 10 years now and while that means that I have a crippling social anxiety I also have amassed quite the knowledge about this game. I don't know a lot of things in general, but I do know that Gragas is the most fun you can have in the game. Yes, that's a fact. 

Here are all the things that make Gragas fun.


Gragas esq
What a distinguished gentleman. | © Riot Games

Gragas can be played on 4 different Roles. Hell even 5 if you are that crazy. He is great in the top lane. Amazing in the Jungle. Super fun in the mid lane and also useable and good in the support position. His bot lane carry potential as an ADC is limited, but if you try hard enough, I'm sure you can make it work. Just don't… expect great results.


Arctic Ops Gragas
My favourite Gragas skin. | © Riot Games

Gragas is a big all-rounder. If your team needs a frontline, you can build tank and peel. You can also build him for durability, which includes a few tank items and some AP. Or you could be a man or woman of finer taste and build him full AP. Almost every stat in the game is decent for him. Obviously, he utilizes ability power the best, but also ability haste and mana are great stats for him. Any amount of HP is always helpful, of course. 


Vandal Gragas skin splash
I love that guy. | © Riot Games

Gragas has a very well-rounded kit that works together amazingly. His passive gives him a lot of sustain in the early levels of the lane where he doesn't have enough mana or damage yet, which gets you very safely into the mid and endgame. His Q is amazing for a bit of ranged trading and farming, even if you can't hit the wave. His W gives you a bit more wave clear and also just more damage for your combo.

This combo starts with his belly most of the time. Gragas E propels him forward until he hits an enemy and knockbacks them. This hitbox is very forgiving, and you can also cast your q and ultimate during the flight. His ultimate lets him throw an even bigger barrel that, depending on what angle it hits, knocks the enemy into a certain direction. This has incredible potential. You can either engage with an E Q and guarantee the Q hit, or you can throw your ult during the knockback to fire your enemies into your desired direction. The possibilities are endless. You can insec them into your team or just knock them into your tower. Bomba!


Space Groove Gragas
The lil Guy in his Barrel blushes when you W. | © Riot Games

Gragas is quite old, so the Lore isn't that fleshed out, but what we know is enough to like the guy. Basically, he is just looking for the perfect beer recipe. His quest has gotten him to the freezing colds of Freljord and my oh my… Lissandra's True Ice would certainly be a great beer cooler. 

I love to play Gragas as every game looks a bit different. There are hundreds if not thousands of options to start any battle, and that just makes him perfect as a main. It never grows old.

Who is your main and would you start playing Gragas?

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