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LoL: The Best Azir Skins

Skins 02-01-2024 16:44

Azir is quite infamous as one of the hardest champions in the game. But do his skins go hard as well? He definitely has some bangers in his collection.

Azir Classic
Azir: The Emperor of Shurima. | © Riot Games

Azir is one of the more unpopular champions in the game. He is incredibly hard to play and requires a big time investment to get good at. But the champion is amazing. He is in fact so cool that after Faker's Worlds 2023 performance on Azir the champion was temporarily unavailable to be purchased on the Korean server because the demand was so high. 

Azir captivates people. His hard but iconic play style allows him to single-handedly carry games. Sadly, Azir doesn't have too many skins. Fortunately, the ones he has are really, REALLY good. Let's check out the Top 3 Azir skins.

These Are The Best Azir Skins

3. Elderwood Azir

Elderwood azir
Azir as an ancient druid-king. | © Riot Games

Elderwood Azir combines the Sand Emperor with the forest, giving him a darker theme. It's in high contrast to his natural yellow appearance and a very good-looking skin. 

The animations on this skin are great, and it also works thematically, as his soldiers rarely move and work great as tree or root soldiers. 

The Skin line has a lot of entries currently and just got 2 new additions at the end of 2023 with Elderwood Wukong and Karthus.

2. Worlds 2022 Azir

Worlds 2022 Azir Skin Splash
Turning the Egyptian Pigeon into a Mechanical God. | © Riot Games

Worlds 2022 Azir was released before the World Championship in 2022. It gives the character that is inspired by Egyptian mythology a new mecha look.

The skin also has a voice-filter, which I personally love. It has 4 great chromas which turn him into amazing looking different colored mechs. Worlds 2022 Azir was made to celebrate the World's Championship and as such the flails on his arm carry various League of Legends eSport Logos.

The mechanical sound effects on every spell just work so well with his entire kit, but it still keeps the symbolism which Azir is made of.

1. Warring Kingdoms Azir

Warring kingdoms azir
Emperor Azir in all his glory. | © Riot Games

I'm sure none of you are confused. Warring Kingdoms was released in 2017 and is still widely regarded as one of the better skins in the game even until now. 

The Skin makes Azir look like a Hawk with the sharp beak and symbolizes his quick wits and fast decision-making. Absolutely perfect and fitting for this Warlord of a champion. As with every other Warring Kingdoms Skin, it is heavily inspired by eastern literature and culture.

The Azir skin in particular is inspired by the figures Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang in the famous novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” from Lou Guanzhong. Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang were the Emperor and Prime Minister of Shu Han, which was one of the three leading Kingdoms. 

If this isn't enough for you, Azir also plays the famous game Go in his recall animation. Not only that, the moves on the board ingame are a reference to “the first game of DangHu” which is a Go Game played in 1739 by two lifelong rivals. 

Warring Kingdoms Azir is a Masterpiece in and out of game and if you ever even think about playing Azir this Skin is definitely worth its cost of 1350 RP.

This is my personal Top 3 Azir Skin List. Which one do you like?

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