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LoL: The Best Kayn Skins

Skins 23-05-2024 11:59

Kayn has become one of the most popular champions in League of Legends thanks to his edgelord aesthetics. Now he's become even more popular thanks to his involvement in HEARTSTEEL.

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LoL: The best Kayn skins were pretty hard to choose. | © Riot Games

Kayn is one of the most popular junglers in solo queue. While we don't see him in pro play as much, he does attract a large player base thanks to his unique play style and adaptability, as well as his looks. But what makes Kayn even better is the skins – obviously.

Sadly, Kayn doesn't have all that many skins, probably because the skins team always has to make three forms for the guy, his base form, assassin form and Darkin form, but the ones we do have are all pretty damn good, so let's check out which Kayn skins you should pick up.

LoL: Ranking All Kayn Skins From Worst To Best

Kayn currently has five skins, two of which are legendary skins. He's also got one prestige skin, which we have omitted from the list, only including the epic and legendary skins in our ranking.

5. Soul Hunter Kayn

The debut skin for Kayn was... alright. The splash art is beautiful, but the skin itself, especially compared to the rest of the champions catalog, is mid at best. His base skin looks nice and all, but doesn't give much compared to his base skin.

Soul hunter Kayn
Soulhunter Kayn is not the best skin for sure... | © Riot Games

The Shadow Assassin form just looks silly in this form, with the giant wizarding hat, which is just awful. Rhaast also doesn't look great with his green hues. Neither form truly stands out, making this a mediocre skin at best.

4. Snow Moon Kayn

In 2022 Kayn received his Snow Moon skin and this is actually a pretty great one. The concept of the skin works so well with Kayn's character and he fits into the Blood/Snow Moon universe. Unfortunately, Kayn just has a lot of great skins, which is why this one is only in fourth place.

Snow Moon Kayn
I love this Snow Moon Kayn skin, but it was voted down to fourth place in the office... | © Riot Games

The Rhaast form looks so cool here, with the bright white and red mask. He's also got the armor of an old Samurai which looks super cool for this concept and works well. The winter-y Shadow Assassin form is also great and while it does give Sephiroth-vibes, most Shadow Assassin's do.


HEARTSTEEL Kayn is the newest skin and the champions second legendary. While some might not have put it this high on the list, it's a great skin in a fun universe and Riot did a great job of incorporating Rhaast into a universe you wouldn't expect the Darkin to be in. 

Heartsteel kayn
HEARTSTEEL Kayn stole my heart. | © Riot Games

The base skin with his crop top showing off his abs is great and hilarious. The overall look of this skin is just great, especially with Rhaast being his on-stage alter ego looking great and the Shadow Assassin as green-haired Sephiroth is also just iconic. Of course, this legendary will never touch on Odyssey Kayn, but it's still a great skin and one worth picking up. 

2. Nightbringer Kayn

Now we move onto the top two skins. While some might not agree with this choice, but Nightbinger Kayn is actually one of the best in the game. Why? Because it tries to do something different with the character, turning Rhaast into the "good guy" and Shadow Assassin into the "bad guy"... but let's be real neither is actually good in canon. 

Nightbringer Kayn
This is a pretty cool concept. | © Riot Games

With this skin, Rhaast is supposed to look much more angelic and smooth, while the Shadow Assassin is much more rough around the edges with this skin, which makes him stand out from the rest of the skin. While this skin line overall is boring as hell and needs a break, this is probably one of the best skins from it and worth your money. 

1. Odyssey Kayn

Now did anyone think a different skin would make it to the number one spot? Didn't think so. This skin is a masterpiece and belongs in the top 5 skins of the entire game. In this skin, Kayn isn't just an edgelord, but an officer of a space empire. It's a cool concept for the champion and truly shows through interesting voice interactions and great visuals. 

Kayn lol odyssey
This is one of the best skins in the game. | © Riot Games

In this skin line, if you pick Rhaast you turn into a fragmented Dark Star creature, while his Shadow Assassin form means that Kayn won over the Dark Star influence and is ready to further grow the influence of the space empire, no matter the price. This is honestly peak skin design and worth the price. 

These were the best Kayn skins ranked, but what are your opinions? How do your Kayn skin preferences differ from those in the Riftfeed office? Let us know in the comments below! 

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